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Loving Lost Girl

I took a friend’s advice this weekend and checked out the new Syfy channel series Lost Girl. I’m really enjoying the story. The main character is Bo. She’s a succubus, although she doesn’t know what she is at the start. All she knows is that she not an ordinary human, everyone who sleeps with her dies. She’s drawn into the world of the fae, which consists of all manner of mythological creatures.  The fae world is split into two factions, dark and light. All fae belong to one clan or the other, but Bo is unique in that she was hidden from the fae world as a child and thus belongs to neither faction. That’s part of what makes her unique, she is living between the clans, she’s claimed neither light nor dark as her own as she works to solve the mystery of her past.

Have I’m mentioned I’m completely hooked on this show. It’s got everything a paranormal fan could want. A wide variety of creatures, not just vamps and weres, great world building, tons of sexual and romantic tension, and an intriguing overarching story that builds with each episode. I really enjoy the fact that they are releasing info about Bo and her role in this world in bits and pieces. They don’t ask a question and answer it then ask a new question. They ask a bunch of questions and then give you bits and pieces of answers as they go. Plus the cast of characters are so much fun. I love Kenzie. She is human amidst all of these magical creatures and her sarcastic wit is so funny. Bo is a fascinating mix of innocence and tough girl. The hero Dyson, he’s just yummy. If you’re looking for a new series to try I highly recommend Lost Girl.

Warning Lost Girl is for Mature Audiences only. To quote Bo, “What can I say? For me, sexual healing is a literal thing.”

Any one else watching Lost Girl? Any other new series you’re loving?