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Indie Publishing–Is It For You?

Following the blogs of quite a few indie published authors has become a recent hobby of mine. A few of my favorites are: D.D. Scott, Theresa Ragan and Jen Talty. Their stories are enthralling, their enthusiasm is contagious, and their willingness to share their knowledge openly with other writer’s is inspiring.

They’ve also helped me sit back and review my own writing life, something I kept telling myself I’d find time for, and finally did. This hurry up to wait lifestyle called publishing has me more than perplexed. It’s frustrating trying write a book that will fit a certain house; it feels like I’m trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.

It’s a true waste of energy, and I can’t help think spending the time writing my next book, the book I want to write, is more productive than worrying about whether my story will fit the specifications of a particular house.

Every hour, every day, every week, every month that I wait to hear whether a book sold,  is time I could have spent having another book edited professionally, the cover designed to my specifications, and uploaded to Amazon when I choose.  So this year, I’m going to dip my toes into the indie publishing pool and feel the water : )

Here’s what I’d like to know: Do you indie publish?  How long have you been doing so, and what are some experiences, positive and negative, that you’d like to share?


Cathy Tully

The 100 Page Panic

I’m a quarter of the way through my latest work-in-process.  I have the initial incident details, the character’s goals, motivations and conflicts defined.  In my process, this is the point where I need to reevaluate everything I’ve written and loosely outline the rest of the books.

It’s also the point where I always decide the entire project is stupid.  EPIC FAIL No one will ever want to read it.  What was I thinking?  I should abandon the entire thing and start over. Ack!

For me, this is the low point of my draft.  It’s serious outline/synopsis time.  This is when I identify the midpoint, the climax, and how my main characters have to change by the end of the book. I also determine how plot and character arc will intersect at the black moment. If need be, I’ll break out the colored note cards.

Once I get past the middle of a book, the second half tends to flow smoothly.  My ducks are already in a row, and I only have to follow the outline.  Details seems to take care of themselves.

But I’m not there yet.   I’m still in limbo–and so is my story.

Does this ever happen to you?  Are you ever plagued with doubts mid-WIP?  How do you progress beyond that point?