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This Author Thanks You


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive network of family and friends. If you follow the blog then you’re probably aware that Tuesday was release day for my first novel, CAPTIVE, and that I’ve been doing a blog tour this week.

All Tuesday long I’d received congratulatory messages on my personal and author Facebook pages. It was humbling to see everyone’s excitement for me. Friends checked out my bog tour and made comments on my Facebook page, they shared my Amazon buy link on their walls, and many of their friends liked and commented as well. How cool was that?

Some even kept an eye on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank all day. So did I, which I know I probably shouldn’t do, but couldn’t resist. I couldn’t believe it when CAPTIVE made into the top 100 in the kindle store for Sci-Fi Romance. It started out at 95 in the morning and at one point, around midnight I think, it went as low as #32! The rank for the whole Kindle store was #10,283 (it was ranked like #500,000 a couple days before 🙂 ). Thank you to everyone who bought a copy!

Friends also called when they found reviews for CAPTIVE. I wonder if reading reviews can count as exercise, because it’s a heart-pounding activity. So far they have been great, and I am very excited about the positive feedback. Especially from two of the reviewers who said they don’t normally read sci-fi romance, but loved my book. What a great feeling! Now I’m sure I’ll receive some negative reviews. Not everyone likes everything. Even my favorite authors received hateful 1 star reviews for books I loved. So when that happens, I’ll just have to re-read the good ones, and pretend the bad ones don’t matter. And call my support network to cry on their shoulders. 😉

945422_10200441983384821_429943506_nTuesday night, my wonderfully supportive husband (who hand sold a copy of my book to everyone at his work) took the kids and me out to dinner to celebrate.

As we were leaving, he texted some local friends and asked if they would come over for a toast. They did! They dropped what they were doing at 8:30pm (which was probably helping kids with homework since school doesn’t let out for two more weeks) and came over for champagne. Who doesn’t love an impromptu party?

No words can fully express my gratitude to all those who have supported me in my writing. I realize not every author is as fortunate, which is why I want to let everyone know how much I appreciate and love you! Thank you so very much!

~KM Fawcett