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Travel Safety Refresher

It’s vacation season, the perfect time to get away and explore new places. Plus, with RWA’s National Conference coming up next week and so many people traveling in for the event, I thought it an appropriate time to offer a safety refresher.  Whether your summer adventures take you a short distance from home or oceans away, here are a few tips to help you enjoy your travels safely.

  • If possible travel with at least one travel companion.
  • When traveling out of the country do your research and be aware of local customs, laws, etc.
  • Do not pack valuables in your suitcase.  Bags must be unlocked or locked with approved padlocks. If they are locked with an unapproved lock, screeners will break the lock to gain access.
  • Be mindful of your luggage at all times and do not pack so much that you will be lugging excessively heavy bags.
  • Pack medicines and extra eyeglasses in your hand luggage so they will be available in case your checked luggage is lost.
  • Learn important fact about your destination that could affect your health (high altitude or pollution, types of medical facilities, required immunizations, availability of required pharmaceuticals, etc.). Key health information can be found at the Travelers’ Health page of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website at http://www.cdc.gov/travel.
  • Carry your money and personal objects in a bag or purse that you can hide under your clothes.
  • Use a business card as your luggage tag. Try not to use your home address.
  • Never tell anyone that you are traveling alone. If someone persistently asks, don’t hesitate to lie.
  • If attending a conference do not wear your name badge when you leave the event hotel.
  • If you are going to take a taxi, which you probably will while at RWA, being friendly and sharing a little light conversation with the driver is fine, but keep personal information to yourself. Don’t give out too much information about your plans or yourself. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or threatened have the driver let you out of the cab in a busy, familiar, or popular place.
  • Avoid going out alone at night and as always TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!

Please don’t hesitate to add any other tips you have for staying safe on your travels this summer. If you are going to RWA National we hope to see you there, and if you’re free stop in and see us Thursday, at 2:00 pm for our Kick Butt Heroes: Using Martial Arts in Your Action Scenes workshop!