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Giveaway: Enter to Win a Copy of Fearless!

Fearless CoverDiscover a new world of adventure and romance in the Survival Race series.

To enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win a copy of FEARLESS, click the link below.

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Fearless Excerpt:

Angry red streaks snaked through his aura. “What manner of trickery is this?”

“Get off of me, barbarian.”

Name-calling? Really? Had her father taught her nothing?

“Barbarian? That’s funny coming from a savage.”

She gasped. “Savage? You’re the one on top of me.”

“As I recall, I wouldn’t be on top of you if I hadn’t needed to protect myself from your tricks.”

“I am a spiritual healer. I only wanted to repair your soul. You must release my people.”

“They’re free to go at any time. They choose to stay.”

His weight was crushing her, making breathing difficult, but she refused to let him see her discomfort. If she could calm herself enough, her spirit could reenter his, and she could try healing him again. This might be the only chance she got before he…What would he do to her?

She didn’t sense anything evil, vile, or malicious. Murder wasn’t present in his aura. The only thing she perceived was arousal. Typical male. Perhaps she could use that to her advantage.

There were three occasions when a person’s spirit was the most vulnerable: during sleep, during illness, and during sex—so she’d been told.

“You’ve invaded our peaceful village and took our people against their will. Forgive me for not believing you.” Her words were angrier than she wanted them to be. What happened to her shamanic training?

“Seems we have a lot in common, you and I.”

“We have nothing in common, barbarian.”

“Did you not invade my body against my will?”

“To heal your spirit.”

“So you say, savage.”

Would he stop calling her that? She was not a fierce, violent person. She was tranquil and at peace with the universe, dammit.

Well, at least she strove for peace.

“However,” he continued, “you needn’t concern yourself. My spirit requires no healing.”

“So say you. But our spirits have met, and yours told me it hid a deep wound. Let me back in. Let me into your body to heal you.”

His smirk surprised her. What could he possibly find so humorous?

“If anyone enters another’s body, it will be me.” His warm lips pressed against hers. As if to prove his point, his tongue coaxed hers to open for him.

She’d been kissed before, but not from a man so dangerous and commanding, or so good at it.

Well, she wasn’t about to waste the opportunity to do what she came here for, especially since nothing in his aura indicated malicious intent. His spirit simply sought to demonstrate his male dominance in a kiss. Nothing more. Ha. He’d learn who the dominant one was when she connected with his spirit again.

She opened her mouth and kissed him back. His pause indicated surprise. He’d obviously expected her to resist. When she didn’t let up, his jaw relaxed and his kiss deepened. She couldn’t deny the freedom her soul felt.

But she’d come to heal his heart, and as much as she would like to give in to the pleasure she was receiving, she needed to heal him first.

Again retreating to that tranquil place in her mind, her spirit gathered energy and flowed from her body into his. Her spirit didn’t get further than the impenetrable stone wall before it was thrown from his body again.

His lips were off hers, the weight of his body disappeared. The influx of warm night air came as a relief.

“Savage,” he boomed. “Stay out of my body.”

“If you enter my body, barbarian, rest assured I will enter yours.”

Click to read Chapter One from FEARLESS!

Click to read Chapter One from CAPTIVE!

~K.M. Fawcett

FEARLESS Release Day

Fearless CoverHOORAY! Today is release day for FEARLESS, book 2 in the Survival Race series. I’m super excited to share Fearless’ awesome first review (4 stars) from Goodreads!

“This is the follow up book to Captive and a fantastic piece of sci fi romance…I found the world building here to be truly fascinating…. Very good follow up to Captive. The first book explored being taken prisoner by aliens and trying to survive whereas this book explored the idea of living as a native on a planet dominated by a brutal race. Fans of the first book will be delighted to catch up with characters from the previous book and new readers will surely be clamouring to catch up! Recommended”- Marta Cox

You can read a sexy excerpt from the book and enter to win a free copy at Taking Time For Mommy’s blog today. Here is the book’s blurb…

Myia, a shaman-in-training, wants desperately to protect her peaceful village from the barbaric Highland invaders. To hone her powers of prophetic visions and healing, the village elders send Myia on a quest to heal the Highland leader’s heart and stop a brewing war. Myia’s mended many souls before, so this should be an effortless duty…until she meets the gorgeous, stubborn Highland warlord.

Kedric, a gladiator who escaped enslavement, only wants to liberate the villagers from their common foe-a race that breeds humans for blood sport and genetic experiments. Fueled by his rage, Kedric is determined to take down the brutal enemy. So when a raven-haired beauty with a body made for sin tries to sabotage his mission, Kedric wants her gone. Yet no woman’s touch has ever left Kedric more annoyed…or aroused. Kedric knows he should shun her soothing embrace-but he can’t seem to stay away. As their passion grows, Kedric must decide between fighting his war or surrendering his rage-and his heart-for Myia’s love.

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FEARLESS is On Sale Now: Amazon | Kindle | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository | Books A Million | IndieBound

~K.M. Fawcett

The Adam & Eve Approach to Character Development

“The Creation of Eve” by Paolo Caliari (1528-1588)

About a month ago I’d been asked the following question in an interview. “When you decided to develop a hero and a heroine, how does that process come about? Do you do the character sketch? Do you use real world influences?”

Sometimes I get an idea for a character and then create a story around them. Sometimes I get an idea for a story and then create a character to fit the story.

In Captive (book #1 in the Survival Race series) I had a story idea first and then created the characters to fit the story. The plot required a tortured alpha male whose humanity is stripped away. I created Max–the poor hero believes he’s nothing more than a beast–to fill this role. Then I had to figure out what kind of heroine could make him see he’s not a beast. He’s a good man worthy of love. So I created a strong, spirited heroine who could inspire Max.

The hero of Fearless (Survival Race #2) was introduced in Captive. His character was already partially formed so I needed to create a story around him. As I brainstormed the plot, I also brainstormed the kind of heroine he required. Since he wants revenge, he needed a heroine who could tame his lust for war and bring peace into his heart. His heroine was created especially for him, and new to the series. This couple was exciting to write about. The warlord and the spiritual healer have opposing goals, but we all know what happens to opposites, right? Sexual tension! The heat level is a bit steamier in Fearless than Captive.

While plotting Survival Race #3, I realized once again that I have a hero and a partial plot but no heroine. I actually went through three different heroines trying to figure out who would work best! The first two weren’t getting the job done. They were already established characters, but were not right for what the hero needed or what the plot needed…or, quite frankly, what I needed. Those heroines weren’t getting me excited to write the story. After much cogitating, I came up with a new character. This kick-butt alpha heroine is exactly what the hero needs, and boy is she going to be fun and exciting to write about. I can’t wait to see their tension ignite the page.

So what have I learned about my character development process? Apparently I take the Adam and Eve approach. I create the man first and then from the man create the perfect woman for him.

No matter how the character is born, I always do a character sketch to get to know each one better. A character sketch answers questions like what do they look like, what is their history, what are their fears/ likes/ dislikes, etc…  I’ve also taken bits and pieces from real world influences, but don’t tell my family or friends that. 😉

Readers – have you ever read about characters that were perfect for each other? Have you ever read about characters that weren’t and wondered why the author forced them together? Writers – What’s your process to character development? Do you do the character sketch? Do you use real world influences? Please leave your answers in the comments section.

~K.M. Fawcett

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Want a fun way to increase your physical activity? Take my Survival Race Challenge. Don’t worry, you won’t have to fight to the death. All you need to do is run, walk, or hike in the month of August and record your mileage.

This is a great way to get together with friends and like-minded people and  encourage each other to exercise. Whether it’s for health, fitness, weight loss, or fun, I hope Captive’s kick-butt heroine, Addy Dawson, inspires you to get out there and move your body.

Logging your mileage in the Survival Race Challenge enters you into a raffle for a $25 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of my sci-fi romance novel Captive: Book 1 in the Survival Race series.

Though the overall goal is to achieve the most mileage you can personally, the raffle prize will be awarded to one lucky entrant regardless of total distance or time. The winner will be selected randomly on Sept 1st and announced on the site and contacted by email.

All you need to do to sign up is click on this link Survival Race Challenge and create a free account at Endomondo. You can log your mileage manually or use your favorite tracking device like Garmin, iPhone, Timex, Polar, etc…

If you’re up for the challenge (and up for the fun), I’ll see see you in the Survival Race!

Edited to Add: By the way…My hero is trying to survive a challenge of his own. He’s up against another gladiator in the Hero Showdown at The Window Seat on a Rainy Day‘s blog. Would love for you to click over to there and vote for Max. He’s giving the other guy a run for his money, but needs more help. Can he count on you to keep him alive for the next round or will this be his ultimortem?

~K.M. Fawcett

Warrior Dash

This past Saturday, my husband, my son and I ran the Warrior Dash in Morristown NJ. If you’ve never heard of the Warrior Dash, it’s a grueling 5K adventure race where you conquer obstacles, leap fire, and crawl through mud beneath barbed wire! Why would anyone risk life and limb doing such a crazy thing? Well first of all…it’s fun! But most importantly the event raises money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

My warriors and me. “Before” picture.
(Note: Son really was happy to be there. This is his warrior face.)

Wow what a crazy experience. The first part of the day was spent waiting 1½ hours to get on a bus from the parking lot to the race site a few miles away. There were tons of people there. The first wave of runners started at 9:00 and continued every ½ hour until 4:30. There were 6,960 competitors throughout the course of the day.

The running trail went up and down a mountain, the second mile wound its way through a muddy stream, and the last mile contained the majority of the obstacles like scaling walls, a lake to swim across, cargo nets to climb, fire, and sand and mud pits you had to crawl through beneath barbed wire. Yes it was real barbed wire. I know because I stopped to check at the first obstacle, plus a woman got her hair caught in a barb on the last obstacle and I helped her get it out. (clicking on the pictures enlarges them).

Scott running to the finish.

Gregory hurdling fire.

Me in the barbed wire mud pit. Mud is good for your skin, right?

While I was running and climbing ropes, I kept thinking of Max, my gladiator hero in my novel Captive: Book One of the Survival Race Series (coming 2013). He competes against other gladiators in a warrior race. However, not only do the contestants battle the terrain and obstacles, they have to battle ferocious beasts and each other. That’s right, in the Survival Race the last man alive wins. Thank goodness, we didn’t have to wield swords against our fellow warrior dashers on Saturday.

At the end of the race, water trucks were available for hosing off the competitors. You could drink beer and eat turkey legs (I’d been looking forward to a turkey leg days before the race), listen to loud music and have lots of fun watching the other tired and filthy people finish. There was a shoe pile for donating your shoes (if they stayed on). A friend of mine lost her shoe in the muddy stream and couldn’t find it again. She managed to find someone else’s sneaker and wound up finishing the race with two different shoes!

I’m very proud of my son; he did such a great job! And I am extremely proud of my husband who took 2nd in his age group. He was 27th overall out of 6,960 people!

My warriors and me. “After” picture

I’m sore, my knees are cut up and bruised (knee pads would have been good), and someone kicked me in the face going over a wall. It was a great time and can’t wait for the next one! I’m going for time at the next race. Who’s with me?

Have you ever competed in a Warrior Dash or similar challenge? What was your experience like?

~K.M. Fawcett

That’s not a knife. THIS is a knife!

Flesheater Knife

Two and a half years after placing the order, the Flesheater – a hand crafted fighting knife – has arrived! Though my husband will argue otherwise, this Flesheater is mine. Yes, knife ownership is a running joke in our family, and even our son tries to get in on the action, but since he didn’t spend a cent on it, we can easily rule him out. Believing that ownership is 9/10 of the law, my husband hid the knife from me, and maintains that since I don’t possess it, it must not be mine. Wrong! The knife is mine and I’ll tell you why…

It’s because I’ve had it in MY possession for the past few years.

Okay, maybe I didn’t physically have the fourteen inch weapon in my hand, but I’ve featured the Flesheater in one of my manuscripts before we ever placed our order with custom knife maker, Jim Hammond. Since the knife plays a key role in my story, I’ve long dreamed about how my Flesheater would look on the book’s cover (not that cover art is up to the author, but I can dream…and seriously who wouldn’t want a knife this awesome on the cover?)  Therefore, I conclude that she who spent hours researching, writing, and dreaming about the Flesheater knife is truly its owner.  Besides, it feels really good in my hand. 🙂

Now this is a knife!

So why am I’m getting worked up over this knife? Well for one thing, Scott’s sensei, A.J. Advincula (world renown martial artist/ instructor, retired marine Master Sergeant, and knife expert) designed this fighting knife so you know it can’t be improved upon. Although, in my case, the knife won’t be used for fighting as much as for collecting…though I did make sure it was nearby the other day when two vehicles stopped in front of my house, raising my suspicions… Ahem…I digress.

If you’re interested in the history, design, and specs of this knife, visit Jim Hammond’s website. The following is a short excerpt from my manuscript, The Survival Race, in which the hero describes the Flesheater.

“Damn you, Duncan,” Max muttered, and tossed a box aside.

Addy returned the khaki uniform to the shelf. “What’s wrong?”

“The guy collects seven guns but only one with ammunition.”

“One is better than none.”

“Hardly. There are only three bullets in it. He rummaged through another box and then whistled in awe when he unsheathed a Rambo looking knife. “I’ll be damned.  You know what this is?”

She restrained from stating the obvious.

“It’s a Flesheater.” He turned the stainless steal weapon in his hand. “Strictly a fighting knife. Nine inch blade. Short handle with finger grooves for a secure grip. Curved lower edge. Designed to cut through a man and keep better edge contact than a straight knife. This is one serious weapon.”

Addy gulped. The gladiator certainly knew his knives. And apparently how to use them. Good thing they were on the same team…at the moment.

~K.M. Fawcett