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Fun with Unusual Weapons

Today, I went to karate class looking for the usual, an awesome workout that forces me to pay 100% attention to what I’m doing and therefore clears my head. But I got more, so much more.

Just like any other class, we started with a thirty minute kick-my-butt workout.  Sensei thinks of the most interesting ways to make my muscles hurt for days.  After the conditioning part of class was over, sensei brought out some weapons.  I know! Fun!

He made a pile of wooden sticks, knifes, and holy smokes – a machete.

The beautiful thing about kenpo karate is that everything a student learns builds and is used in other ways.  I’ve never trained with a machete before, but we train in Modern Arnis (stick fighting) in our curriculum.  The reason? Techniques and movements that work in stick fighting transfer to other weapons, such as knife and machete. So, even though this was my first time training with machete, I did much better than I expected.  Here is a short video of Modern Arnis. Pay attention to the weapons. You’ll see single stick, double stick, stick & knife, plus machete used with similar movements.

Now one question remains. How in the world do I work a machete fight scene into a book? Any suggestions?