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Your Hero/Heroine is Knocked to the Ground… Now what?

Here’s an aspect of fighting most people give consideration: how to get up off the ground.  When a fighter has been knocked to the ground, either in a MMA bout or a street self-defense situation, there is a proper way to stand up.   This is something that fighters learn and should also be covered in a good self defense class.  When I teach a Fight Like A Girl women’s self-defense classes, this is often one of the first things I cover.

Either fighter or victim, a person on the ground needs to get to her feet without risking additional injury.  The ground can be a vulnerable position, which is why bullies like to knock their victims down.  This great video from Stephan Kresting shows the way Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students (and the women in my class!) are taught to get to their feet.

Notice that the instructor protects his face at all times. He is never out of balance.  He doesn’t rush.  He waits until his attacker is beyond striking distance to stand. A trained fighter remains cool and thinks his way through any situation. The most important weapon in any fighter’s arsenal is his brain.