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Fun with Settings

Last month I went on a cruise to then Mexican Riviera. I had a terrific time. The boat was beautiful, the seas calm and blue, and there was no snow in sight. We made two stops in Cabo San Lucas and one in Puerta Vallarta. While in Puerta Vallarta, I had the opportunity to go zip lining. SO MUCH FUN!! Here’s a picture of me on my adventure (gotta love the helmet look).

We slid from platform to platform among the tree tops, repelled down to the group, climbed back up and did it again. We ended the adventure with a tarzan swing.

On my way back to the boat, I got to think what a fun setting zip lines in the jungle would make for an action scene. Racing through the jungle, having to slide from line to line to escape your pursuers, the risk of falling to your death very possible.  Or perhaps you have to zip across a long rope that crosses over a raging river. The scenario’s are endless.

My challenge to you is to come up with an exciting and unusual setting for an action scene. Get creative maybe we can inspire each other.

Before I sign off, I want to congratulate Jenn Nixon. She’s the lucky winner of a copy of The Demon He Knows.

Finally, since people seemed to enjoy the last critique we’re going to offer another. Same rules apply as last time.

  • Send your unpublished fight/action scene (500 words or less) in the body of an email to attackingtp@gmail.com include “Action Critique” in the subject heading.
  • Please include your name (or pseudonym) as well as the genre of your work. However, if you wish your scene to be posted anonymously let us know. We’re happy to keep your name confidential.
  • We will pick ONE entry for critique.

Please be aware the critiques offered by the authors of Attacking the Page are personal opinions and neither guarantee publication, nor are responsible for any rejections you may receive.  As with any critique you receive, take what works for you and dump the rest.

We encourage you to spread the word to your writing buddies, friends and even your enemies.  :) Good Luck!

Now that we’re done with general announcements let’s get back to thinking up those fun settings.