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The End…But Not Really

The EndSomething really exciting happened for me recently. I got to The End of another book. Woohoo!! But as I’m sure my fellow authors out there know, getting to the end is just the beginning. There’s still a lot of work ahead. But before tackling edits, I like to have someone read the story. Generally, I pick someone who has never seen the story before because I like to get a fresh opinion.

I consider myself lucky because I have many writer friends that will be very critical beta readers.  But sometimes you get back those comments and you just want to go hide under the covers. When I got back my friends comments on this draft I had a minor freak out. It wasn’t because the comments weren’t expected, I sort of knew my trouble spots.  It was that I had no idea how to fix the issues, and I was dreadfully afraid I was going to have to star from scratch.

Have you ever been there? Maybe it’s because you’ve already spent too much time with the characters and their story. Maybe you’re just sick to death of your books, as I tend to be when I get to the end.  But whatever the reason, it’s like you’ve slammed into a wall and you just can’t see a way around it.

Some say take some time away and let it soak in. I’m not that patient of a person. I like knowing that I’m done and I’m free to move on to other things.  What worked for me to tear down that wall was hashing it out with my brilliant beta reader. With a fresh round of brainstorming I pulled that wall down brick by brick and found a solution to my story problems that was manageable.


Summer Reading

Summer will officially be here as of June 21st. The summer months signify a couple of things for me. First, my birthday(July 26th)  is rapidly approaching. Second, the season for reading is here. When the weather turns warm, it’s time to break out the shorts and kick back in the air conditioning, in my favorite chair with a good book. I know most people think about beach/pool reading, but I so don’t do hot. In anticipation of lazy weekends and lengthier vacations, I’ve already started loading my Nook and my iPod with a books that I plan on reading over the summer months.  Some are from my TBR pile that I’m finally getting around to reading others are hot, new release for the summer.

So far I’ve got the following in my summer reading pile:

  • Treachery in Death by J.D. Robb
  • New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb
  • The Search by Nora Roberts
  • Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts
  • Smoking Seventeen by Janet Evanovich
  • Breaking the Rules by Suzanne Brockmann – Just finished reading this and really enjoyed it.
  • Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell
  • Finding Forgiveness by Dana Marie Bell

I’m sure this list will grow as summer passes. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Now tell me, what’s on everyone else’s reading lists this summer? Any suggestion for books I should add to my list?

If you’re looking for a fun romance reading challenge for the summer, Book Chick City is hosting one. It’s runs between June 1st and Sept. 30th. The goal is to read eight romances novels in four months. If you’re interested in the details of the challenge click the link about above.

***Update on Virginia Kantra’s post contents. Janet Kerr was selected as the winner of a signed book. Congratulations! To collect you can contact Virginia through her website with your contact info. www.VirginiaKantra.com***

Recommend A Book For My “To Be Read” Pile

This is my current “To be Read” pile on my nightstand. These are some of the books I bought at the Liberty States Fiction Writer’s Conference last month (except for the bottom parenting book.  Though the rest of the titles keep rotating, this one seems to remain a permanent fixture.  But  I digress.)

Anyway, I’m sure you all have a similar pile next to your beds.

Inside my nightstand’s “cubby” are more books. Some I’ve read. Some I haven’t…yet.  Yes this line up goes three rows deep. If you’re curious about the titles, click on each picture for a larger image.

The novels on my office bookshelf (bottom left picture with guest appearance by Yoda, middle picture without him) and my basement bookshelf (bottom right) are mixed up with keepers and books I’ve yet to crack open. Most of the books that I’ve already read have been given to friends, donated to the county library’s book drive, or are stored in tubs in the basement (there are just some books I can’t bear to part with). Oh, and in case my husband is reading this, let me just say… no, Dear, I didn’t buy all of these books. Some were freebies from attending conferences over the years and some were given to me by friends. 😀

Though I haven’t read all of these books yet, I can’t help myself from wanting more, more, MORE! This is where YOU come in.

I want YOU to tell ME…

What are your favorite action books?

What authors do you feel write action well?

Whether it’s a thriller, romance, sci-fi, historical, mystery, young adult, middle grade, or something else, I’d love to hear your recommendations. I’m always looking for more great stories to add to my TBR piles and shelves.

Feel free to promote your own action-packed books, or those of a friend. 😉

~K.M. Fawcett