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Rayna and Caridad’s Awesome Adventure

Back in August my good friend, Caridad Pineiro, asked me to road trip with her to Boonsboro, MD. Why? Because she wanted to have a fan girl moment and attend a Nora Roberts book signing at Turn the Page Bookstore. Of course, I was game. I’m always up for a road trip with friends, throw Nora Roberts into the mix and a good time is guaranteed.  I figured if we were going to do it, we were going to do it right and book a room at Inn Boonsboro on the Square.  So two Fridays ago we loaded up the SUV and followed the GPS south.

Boonsboro isn’t in the most highly populated of areas so as we got close I got a little nervous  because we were driving along a mountain, in the dark, in deer crossing territory. I was constantly on the watch for Bambi to dart out in the street. Despite my worries,  we got there safe and sound, the last guests to arrive. The minute we stepped into the inn all we could do was ooo and ahhh!.The place was gorgeous, homey, warm, and welcoming. We were giving a tour of the first floor which held most of the guest gathering areas and we were enthralled by everything.  Then we were shown upstairs the Nick and Nora room. Nick and Nora Charles,  if you aren’t familiar, are from the book by Dashiel Hammet and the movie series that began in 1934 entitled The Thin Man.

We entered the room and the gasping and amazement ramped up even more. The scent of diffuses green tea and ginger filled the room, so calming and relaxing. Fabulous retro decor filled the room, and then there was the bathroom. Bathrooms are a big thing with me. especially in hotels. If the bathroom is not good I just can’t deal, but this bathroom rocked. It held a glass enclosed multi-head shower, a tub that I regret not having the time to use, heated floor tiles, and other furniture pieces that fit the retro theme perfectly. Oh and let’s not foget the towel warmer. However, the best part for me though was the toilet. How much better can it get then to have a toilet that was controlled by a wall mounted remote and had a heated seat, amongst other cool features. However, as much as we wanted to keep turning in circle to take in all the sights like tourists in Time Square, it was late and we had a big day ahead of us.

The next morning we were up bright and early enjoying the fabulous shower and partaking of a delicious breakfast in the inn dining room. Then off to get our tickets for the signing. They have a ticketing system in place so that things stay orderly and keep moving forward without having to contend with a huge crush of people. We eagerly purchased our copies of New York to Dallas then went back to the inn to relax until the signing began. The signing was so much fun. Everyone was so excited to be meeting Nora and the other authors that were signing with her.  Nora was too cool. Her and Charity talked Buffy as she signed the collection of books and t-shirts that we place in front of her. From there we went to Vesta, the pizza parlor owned by Nora’s son, where we had a terrific pizza and chatted with other signing attendees one of whom made the coolest lamp from copies of three of Nora’s books. After lunch we explored some of the other shops on Main St. Boonsboro. We ended our day with tea and desserts at a lovely little bakery across from the book store.

We had a terrific time and can’t wait to make our next trip down there which, yes, we’ve already book. This time around we’ll have the Eve and Roarke Room. I know I’m looking forward to going to another signing as well as going to explore Antietam battlefield.

Here’s a few more photos from my pilgrimage to Turn the Page.

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Has anyone else been down to Boonsboro? Stayed at the inn?