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Your Villain is holding a Knife to your Heroine’s throat. Now what?

Kathy and I just gave our Kick Butt Heroes workshop at the Liberty States Fiction Writers Conference.  One of the techniques we demonstrated was a defense to a knife abduction.

This is a common scenario on TV and in books.  The villain grabs his hostage from behind and presses a knife to her throat.  What are her options?  In this video, you’ll see the Krav Maga answer, which is very similar to both Isshinryu and Kenpo techniques Kathy and I have learned.  Krav Maga is the self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces.  Because of its brutal effectiveness, Krav Maga techniques are often taught to law enforcement officers.  In order for your character to perform this maneuver, he or she would need significant training.  This is not something the average person off the street could realistically pull off.

Remember, we’re showing these techniques for the purpose of writing awesome action scenes.  If you want to learn self-defense, take a class from a professional.  There’s no substitute.  You can get ideas for your fight scenes on YouTube, but self-defense training requires a qualified instructor and LOTS of supervised practice.

If you’d like to see us in action, we’ll be giving our workshop at the RWA National Conference in New York City.   Hope to see you there!