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What Makes a Hero Sexy?

word-sexyWhat makes a hero sexy? When a friend of mine posed this topic to me a while back, I figured this would be a pretty easy question to answer. The more I thought about it, I realized it wasn’t as easy of a question to answer as I’d hoped. Why? In part because sexy, in my opinion, is very subjective. What one person finds attractive another won’t. So,  I started thinking about some of the characters I found sexy in books and what traits made made them so appealing.

At the top of my list is Roarke from J.D. Robb’s In Death series. I’ll also include both Joe Morelli and Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series. What do these particular characters have in common?

First they’re all attractive. That’s part of the fantasy after all isn’t it.  As a reader, I like to have pretty people wandering through my head as I’m told a story.  Depending on the writer they run the gambit on how descriptive they are in describing their characters attractiveness, but they leave you just enough room to formulate your own image of that character whether it be a celebrity of something that’s purely a figment of your own imagination.

Another shared characteristic of sexy heroes is intelligence. Let’s face it, your character could be an Adonis, but it they’re dumb as a stump no one is going to read on.  Me personally, I have a thing for the  geeky hero. For me super smart is extremely sexy.

A third trait that I think is part of the sexy hero formula is confidence.  Jumping back to the three characters I mentioned everyone one of them is a badass and they know it.  It’s not only because they can kick ass.  It’s their attitude it just drips with power and self assurance. It’s because of that confidence that it’s uber sexy when they make themselves vulnerable to the person that they love.

I’m sure there are more traits that make up a sexy hero these are just a few that come off the top of my head. But I’ll put it out there to you. What do you think makes a hero sexy and memorable?



The Problem With Heroes

Okay, I’m doing something different on the blog today. Usually I try to share my thoughts or pass on some karate knowledge or writing tips. But I’m stumped and I need YOU to share your thoughts, knowledge and tips with me.

The problem is my hero.

I LOVE my warrior hero, Max, from CAPTIVE (book one in the Survival Race Series). He’s an alpha male. Strong, capable and fierce. He is a tortured loner…until the heroine comes along, of course. 😉

So now that I’ve been writing book two, I created a different alpha hero. He’s still a warrior, strong, and capable, but not so fierce. He’s a leader of his people, not a loner.

I think I’ve written my heroes differently enough from each other as to avoid them being cookie cutter.

The problem is…

I don’t feel that my Book Two Hero (B2H) is as strong of a hero as Max.

Also, I fear Max overshadows him in the few scenes they share in book two. Max’s reactions are immediate, physical, and fierce. B2H is a leader; his reactions can’t be physical every time. For some reason, this is making him appear weaker to me.

How do I show B2H’s strength/power without making him physically stronger or have physical reactions to situations? I want to avoid cookie cutter heroes.

I tried Googling, “How not to make your heroes all sound alike” but came up with nothing, which means I’m probably not on the right track. Can you help? Whether you’re a writer or not doesn’t matter to me, any thoughts are welcome in the comments section. I’d love to hear any advice, tips, or links you’d care to share. If you are a published author, how did you make your alpha heroes different? Especially alpha heroes in the same series. Thanks!

~K.M. Fawcett

Bystander CPR

Today’s guest blogger is author Chris Redding.

Chris lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids, one dog and three rabbits. When she isn’t writing, she works for her local hospital. She has been an American Heart Association CPR instructor for more than 16 years.

Corpse Whisperer, her latest book, is out on Kindle. Incendiary will be out mid-December.

Welcome, Chris!

Before you read my blog, I want you to read this article. Go ahead. I’ll wait. http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20100907/HEALTH/9070313/North-Plainfield-mom-saves-baby-s-life-with-CPR

I had goosebumps when I spoke to that woman on the phone. Why did she call me? Because my job is to teach people CPR. She learned at my hospital from one of my instructors.

Now, let’s talk about bystander CPR. What is CPR?

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.  It is compressing the chest of someone in cardiac arrest, so that blood pumps through their body. Most importantly to their brain to keep the cells from dying.


Sure. Anyone can do it. My twelve year old could walk you through it.

Why does the blood have to pump? Because brain death begins at 4 minutes of the brain not getting oxygen. That is less time than it takes to heat up a Lean Cuisine.

In ten minutes brain death is certain.

But if you perform CPR on someone in cardiac arrest (heart stopped), you will push that envelope. You will keep that person’s brain cells alive.

Because on police cars and ambulances are devices called AEDs. Automated External Defibrillators. They are found in malls and airports, also.

Contrary to popular belief (and reported in the NY Times) an AED does not restart your heart. When a heart initially goes into cardiac arrest, it actually doesn’t stop dead. It quivers for awhile. An AED will stop that quivering in hopes that your natural electrical rhythm, the one that keeps you heart beating, will take over and make your heart beat.

If you do CPR for the ten minutes it may take for an ambulance to get there, you will be keeping that person’s brain alive and keeping them viable so an AED can do its job.

Pretty neat, huh?

And it is easy. Just find a class. Sign up and attend. Call your local rescue squad. Call your local hospital. Someone near you is offering a course. Go to www.americanheart.org to find a class near you.

Do it. Save a life.

Because heroes are trained, not born.

To one lucky commenter, I am giving away a purple tote of goodies.

Thanks for stopping by today.