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Following up to last week’s tip, BE A HARD TARGET, this week’s safety tip involves setting personal boundaries.  Do you feel uncomfortable when someone invades your personal space?  Is it intimidating when someone stands too close?

YES, it is.  Predators sometimes invade a woman’s personal space to test how hard of a target she is.  So, PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL SPACE.  Don’t let him get so close.   Step away.  Tell him to back off.

Watch this short clip of women’s safety expert, Steve Kardian, as he demonstrates last week’s HARD TARGET tip and this week’s PERSONAL BOUNDARY tip, along with some other great thoughts on women’s safety.

Safety Tip of the Week: BE A HARD TARGET

What do the people in the following scenarios have in common?  A mother exits a store looking at her latest purchase.  A sister stands in the parking lot rummaging through her purse in search of her car keys.  A friend walks, jogs or runs with headphones.  A niece is busy texting her friends.

Each of these people are unaware of their surroundings.  To a predator, they might as well have “Easy Target” written on their foreheads.

Criminals fear two things: being caught and being hurt.  Which is why they look for an easy target in the first place.  Unfortunately, it only takes a predator seconds to zero in on an easy target.  Fortunately, you are not an easy target.  You are a Hard Target because…

  • You are aware of your surroundings.
  • You walk with your head up and with a purpose.
  • You look confident.
  • You pay attention to the people around you.
  • You make eye contact letting people know you see them, but you don’t stare so as not to challenge them.
  • You wear headphones only while exercising at the gym.
  • You have your keys in hand when going to your car.

Feel free to share other ways you can be a Hard Target in the comments section.

Stay Safe!

~KM Fawcett