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A Short Fall Break

My apologies for a late post, but I’m just back from taking as short fall break and I’m still trying to get back into the groove. I must say, though, I had a terrific vacation. I was in Disney World sampling my way around the World Showcase during EPCOT’s Annual Food and Wine festival.

For those of you that know me, you already know Disney is a favorite travel destination for me. I’m also a person who wants to try new food, but I’m often leery of doing so for fear of not liking what I’m eating. That is why the festival is perfect for me. I can get sample sizes of different foods from all around the globe and find out what tastes and flavors appeal without committing to a whole main course. LOL! Plus there are all of the wine and spirits tastings as well as as the mixology and culinary demonstrations. If you enjoy those things it’s a great event to visit. Besides, it’s always a good time at Disney.

Do you like trying new and different foods? Have you ever been to the festival? If so what foods did you enjoy trying? I personally am a fan of Poland, who served kielbasa and pierogies and Argentina, who served Ropa Vieja.

Another fun think about going to Disney around the holidays are all of the awesome decorations. Here are a few pictures I took while I was there.







Halloween Safety

With Halloween just a few short days away it seemed like the perfect time to offer a few safety tips so that everyone can have a safe and happy day. These tips are from the Mayo Clinic’s website.

  • Wearing bright colors is always your best bet since they are more easily seen. If your children will be out at night you may want to add strips of reflective tape to their costume.
  • Size Matters. Ill fitting costumes especially ones that are too long can lead to falls. Make sure that you and your child’s costume fits appropriately, even with warm clothing beneath it. Also avoid wearing heels or over-sized shoes.
  • Go with makeup instead of masks since masks can obstruct your vision.
  • Trick-or-treating in groups is always the safest way to go. For younger children you may want to pin a piece of paper with their name and a phone number on it so they have an emergency contact number in case they get separated from their group. Also stick to familiar neighborhoods.
  • Establish ground rules for older kids who are trick-or-treating without adult supervision such as: setting a curfew, staying with their group, staying on sidewalks, only approach well lit houses, and never enter a house. You may also want to arrange periodic call in times.
  • Don’t eat your goodies while you’re trick-or-treating. Discard anything that looks questionable or isn’t sealed.
  • Make sure your home is trick-or-treater friendly: Ensure good visibility on on walkways and at your front door, keep your pets under control for the children’s safety as well as the animal’s, clear walkways and sidewalks of things people could trip over like toys, lawn decorations, hoses, or wet leaves.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!