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Guest Blogger – Dennis Clarkston

Our guest blogger today is Dennis Clarkston.  He is a third degree black belt in an eclectic martial arts called Kajukenfu Budo Kai Kenpo Karate. His work with Kenpo started back in 1985 and he currently assists two instructors in the Natchitoches, La. area.  Due to a heart ailment, he is not able to enjoy martial arts as well as he should.  But he refuses to let it stop him.

Dennis’s interest in writing came about in first grade when a blank page called out for him to fill it with a story.  In 1983, he learned to use his mom’s 1940’s era Underwood typewriter and began typing his Great American Science Fiction Novel.  Though not published yet, he enjoys writing and often melds martial arts with his writing to build action scenes.

He is a member of RWA, the North Louisiana StoryTellers and Authors of Romance (Nola Stars) (Bossier City, La.) and the American Christian Fiction Writers.  You can contact Dennis at clark-stone@suddenlink.net or DennisClarkston@gmail.com or visit him at www.clark-stone.net or blog.clark-stone.net.

Welcome, Dennis!

Hello!  The ladies from “Attacking the Page” invited me to a guest on their blog.  My name is Dennis Clarkston.  I am a 3rd Dan in Kajukenfu Budo Kai Kenpo Karate.  Did someone say “Huh?”  (Big Grin)

Kajukenfu Budo Kai Kenpo Karate is an eclectic style of martial arts developed by Professor Harold R. Laranang Sr. (1940-1998) in 1970.  He combined his knowledge of several martial art styles to form this modern martial arts system.  His first dojo opened at Fort Polk with his first students being military personnel stationed at the army post in Leesville, La.  Due to his military commitments, Professor Laranang (10th Dan) taught his style in Hawaii, Minnesota, and Germany.   Wherever the army stationed him, he would seek out other martial artists so he could expand his knowledge.

The Kajukenfu name is an acronym of some of the varying styles that influenced it.

Ka – Karate

Ju – Judo/Jujitsu

Ken – Kenpo

Fu – Kung Fu

Kajukenfu Kenpo contains elements of Kosho-ryu Kempo, Iaido/Kenjutsu, Kendo, Kajukembo, Tae Kwan Do, Goju-ryu, Sil Laum Kung Fu, Okinawan Kobudo, Shotokan, Kotokan Judo, Filipino Kali, and Aikido.  The base style is Kenpo (Law of the Fist). Along with the hard style techniques of punches, strikes and blocks of Kenpo, Professor Laranang incorporated kicks, throws, falls, rolls, breakaways, self-defense techniques, Aikido, takedowns, traps as well as various weapons.

The basic system has not changed too much over the years.  Kata (Form) is taught so that the student can learn and perfect her/his techniques.  A Kata has been described as a dance.  This is where the martial artist executes a series of punches, blocks, strikes, kicks and other techniques in a sequence that simulates a fight.  Kajukenfu has both empty-hand and weapon Kata.

The current master of the system is Professor John Pereda, 7th Dan.  He teaches Kajukenfu at a Thomson, Ga., YMCA.  Shihan-Sama Bruce Adams, 6th Dan, teaches classes at Northwestern State University and O’Sensei Romulus Roquemore, 4th Dan, teaches at the Louisiana School for Math, Arts and Science – both in Natchitoches, La.

Currently, I assist teaching classes with both Shihan-Sama Bruce and O’Sensei Romulus and I learn something new every class.  One way to truly learn and understand martial arts is to teach it.  What may be clear for one person may confuse another. I believe that coming up with different approaches of teaching a technique or explaining a concept added a new dimension to my martial arts knowledge.  One can hear the instructor tell him/her the dynamics and purpose of a technique.  It takes teaching that technique to a student to really drive those points home.

The only advice I can give on picking a martial art is pick one that fits your personality.  Each style has something to offer, so cross-training in other style is beneficial.