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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have recently returned from a fabulous trip to Okinawa, Japan for a Cultural Martial Arts Tour. I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks! However, before diving into those posts, I wanted to share something else with you. Something that I have been planning for months. The day before my trip, I made a big change.

I cut off 11 inches of my hair to donate to charity. Here is my before picture…

And after (with hair straightened)…

Yes, I realize now that I should have put on makeup and worn something nicer. *sigh*  Here’s another after shot with hair curly.

I didn’t have time before my trip to mail my ponytail to Locks of Love, the charity that I had donated to in the past. Now that I am back home and the kids are settled with a regular school schedule, I am ready to do this. However, a friend shared with me her reservations about sending to this particular charity, and now I find myself wondering if it is or isn’t the best place to donate my hair.

This is where YOU come in. I need advice. Have you (or someone you know) donated your (their) hair? Which charity did you use? Why do you think it’s the best one? I’d like to weigh all the options before putting my 11 inches into a bubble mailer and sending it off. I appreciate any information you can give me.

~ K.M. Fawcett

‘Tis the Season for Charity Fraud

Photo courtesy of Flickr and Earl Neikirk/Bristol Herald Courier

It’s that time of year again – shopping for the perfect gifts, sending greeting cards, and baking thousands of sweet, flaky calories.  Oh, and let’s not forget the charities.  After all, ‘tis the season for giving.  Doesn’t it seem like everyone (from the bell ringer in front of Wal-Mart to the telemarketers) is asking you to open your heart and your wallet?  Unless your name is Ebenezer, I’ll bet you’ve given or will give something to those in need this holiday season.  Good for you.  But do you know to whom you’re giving your hard earned dough?  Do you really?

Charity fraud and charity scams run rampant this time of year, and often are difficult to spot.  The following tips can help you be sure your money is going where you think it is and not into the pockets of scam artists.

  • Decide which charities you want to contribute to, and then contact them.
  • Give to the charities you already know.  Research those you’ve never heard before or have names similar to well-known charities.
  • Ask for identification – name, address and phone number of the charity.  Ask questions about the organization.  What is its purpose?  How are the funds used?  What portion of funds go to the charity?  Are the contributions tax deductible? Legitimate charities are used to being asked questions.  If they refuse to answer, have no answer or you are uncomfortable with their answer, don’t give.
  • Verify with the organization’s office to be sure a drive is indeed authorized in your area.
  • Don’t give in to high-pressure tactics or guilt trips.
  • Be suspicious of charities that only accept cash, solicit money through email or claim to be raising money for local police and firefighters.
  • Write your check to the charity, not to the solicitor, and get a receipt with the organization’s name on it.

If you have any other tips, please leave them in the comment section.  Happy holidays and happy, safe giving!

– KM Fawcett