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Creating Believable Hero’s and Heroine’s

I love reading books on the craft of writing because I believe that no matter how many books I write, there is always room for improvement. My latest read was written by Leigh Michaels, titled, Creating Romantic Characters. This book really hit home with me and how I write my hero/heroine’s, so I’d like to share some of what Leigh talks about with you today.

A hero or heroine should be the kind of person a reader wants to be. The good, the bad and the ugly qualities rolled up into a nice neat ball. As a writer I find that’s the best part of creating hero/heroines. They shouldn’t be perfect. They should be as real as we can make them, because those are the kinds of people readers relate to.

If a hero/heroine doesn’t open their mouths and insert their foot from time to time, if they were perfect and didn’t say dumb things, embarrass themselves or trip in front of a room full of people. If they said the right thing at the right moment instead of a week later, or better yet, if they were considerate and tactful more times than none they would probably be too perfect. Because we all know, no one is perfect : )

Here are some things hero’s/heroine’s do: he/she is always kind to those who are less powerful than them i.e., children, animals and the elderly. He/she is gentle even if Uncle Bob consistently talks about his aching back, they never snap at him or treat him like a pain in the butt. : )  Sure, we all know people in real life who cross the line and do not follow the above rules, but I’d like to think there are fewer of them in the population and more people like the heros/heroines we create.  More people like us : )

Heros/heroines never gossip or delight in another’s troubles, even if they deserve it. He/she is never rude unless provoked, even to each other and even then, they’re never hateful or malicious. However, wisecracks and remarks are acceptable : )

I especially like the last piece of information because I always get my hero/heroine head-to-head with some type of issue where each one is on the opposite side and the wisecracks fly like fireworks on the fourth of July. Ahhhh…..sexual tension is built and into the story I go : )

Do you agree with these rules for heros and heroines?  Are there other’s you use when you’re crafting a character? If so, I’d love to hear about them.


Cathy Tully