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Tip of The Week: Call Yourself

Today’s Tip of the Week comes from our guest blogger Linde Belt.

Call your home answering machine. If you are out just “running around” or doing errands or out traveling for your pleasure or job, call yourself every hour or so. Leave a message where you are as well as where you plan on going. What time you plan to be home would be another good piece of information. If your car breaks down somewhere that has no cell service (lots of places in the south are this way) or something happens to you, then someone will know where to start looking. I know that some have a GPS on their car, which will help but a lot of us do not. If you have a cell and it is a true emergency then the police can locate the last tower that your cell  call came from.  Just call.

Linde Belt is a 7th degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate, 4th degree black belt in ACE Escrima, 2nd degree black belt in KenShinKan Shorin Ryu, 1st degree black belt Matsumura Shorin Ryu.  She also practices Hindi Andi Gung Fu, Hapkido and American Combatives.