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Travel Safety pt 3

When traveling, particularly to large cities, at some point you’ll probably use a taxi or a shuttle to get you where you’re going. Here are just a few tips to consider when hailing a cab.

  • The buddy system is your friend. Try to avoid hailing/riding in a taxi when you are alone. When ever possible travel with a friends or relative.
  • Make arrangements in advance. Call a cab company and schedule a pick up. When the taxi arrives verify with the driver who they are there to pick up and ensure that he/she are from the taxi company that you called.
  • Being friendly and sharing a little light conversation with the driver is fine, but keep personal information to yourself. Don’t give out too much information about your plans or yourself.
  • Upon arriving ask the driver to wait for you to enter your destination if possible.
  • If you are uncomfortable or feel threatened have the driver let you out of the cab in a busy, familiar or popular place.
  • As always  Trust Your Instincts!