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Body Mechanics Part 2

On Monday’s blog, I said I’d post a video on body mechanics today. I figured it would be much easier to demonstrate rather than trying to type out each technique in a blog post. So, with the generous support of my husband and son (who filmed us), we made a little video on basic body mechanics of three Isshinryu Karate techniques: a punch, a middle block, and an elbow strike.

The purpose of the video is to demonstrate how different body positioning and proper tensing of the muscles, or chinkuchi (chin-coo-chee), helps increase a person’s strength. Feel free to grab a partner and experiment with these techniques on your own. The video covers the basics of body mechanics.  With further fine tuning of proper body alignment, each of the following techniques can yield even greater power.

~KM Fawcett

Body Mechanics

Good friends at Sensei Advincula's seminar

I just returned home from another great seminar given by Isshinryu karate master, Sensei A.J. Advincula. Today he discussed and demonstrated body mechanics, which is one of my favorite topics. I find it fascinating how accurate positioning of the body, and proper tensing of the correct muscles can double or even triple a person’s strength. Since I’m a small person, I need all the strength I can get. Conversely, if your positioning is off by a little (even by a half inch) your strength is minimized.

At the seminar, we experimented with many different arm positions to determine how to get the most power from your punches and blocks. I’d like to share some video clips with you on Thursday’s blog (assuming I can figure out how to do that) to demonstrate what I’m talking about. Then you can try it at home and see for yourself what proper body alignment can do for your karate.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the video on body mechanics.

On a personal note, I’d like to wish my grandma Gert a very happy 95th birthday today! I love you grandma!! 🙂

~K.M. Fawcett