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Safety Tip: Walking to School

With school starting I thought I’d build on our previous tip about school bus safety and offer a few tips on being safe while walking to and from school.  The following tips come courtesy of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Make sure your child’s walk to a school is a safe route with well-trained adult crossing guards at every intersection.
  • Be realistic about your child’s pedestrian skills. Because small children are impulsive and less cautious around traffic, carefully consider whether or not your child is ready to walk to school without adult supervision.
  • If your children are young or are walking to a new school, walk with them the first week to make sure they know the route and can do it safely.
  • Bright colored clothing will make your child more visible to drivers.
  • In neighborhoods with higher levels of traffic, consider starting a “walking school bus,” in which an adult accompanies a group of neighborhood children walking to school.
  • Consider having an emergency phone number card printed and laminated that you child can carry in their backpack or or wallet. That way in case of emergency there are multiple people that your child can contact and not have to worry about forgetting a phone number.
If you have any other tips please share them we want everyone to have a safe and happy school year.
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Back to School Safety: The College Freshman

Women of every age are the victims of sexual assault, but statistically speaking, girls between the ages of 16-20 are at the most vulnerable period of their lives. If you put those numbers under a microscope, the most dangerous time is the freshman year of college. Some young women are from small towns, away from home for the first time, and far too trusting.  They don’t know the campus; they don’t know who to trust. So, in addition to a mini fridge and laptop, The best thing you can get for your high school or college age daughter is good a self-defense class.

Try to find a class specifically for women, one that emphasizes not only how to avoid being a victim, but how to best fight back against an attacker who will bigger and stronger than your daughter. Also look for a class that will give her the opportunity to try the techniques on a well-padded male attacker.  This is the only way she will learn which techniques work best for her and give her confidence in her ability to use them.  A great class will also cover dangerous social situations and date rape/date rape drugs.  If not, then please address these topics with your daughter.  She needs to know that a predator will look like everybody else. He can be a stranger, her roommate’s boyfriend or the cute guy in her Calc class. He can slip something into her drink in a split second.

Department of Justice studies show that 50% of all attackers will abandon the assault if the girl merely indicates she is willing to put up a fight.  This is great news.  Half the time.  But the other half will keep coming. Girls CAN fight back if they know what to do.

And when you find a class that looks promising, sign yourself or your wife up too.  Because all women should know how to protect themselves.