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The Problem With Heroes

Okay, I’m doing something different on the blog today. Usually I try to share my thoughts or pass on some karate knowledge or writing tips. But I’m stumped and I need YOU to share your thoughts, knowledge and tips with me.

The problem is my hero.

I LOVE my warrior hero, Max, from CAPTIVE (book one in the Survival Race Series). He’s an alpha male. Strong, capable and fierce. He is a tortured loner…until the heroine comes along, of course. 😉

So now that I’ve been writing book two, I created a different alpha hero. He’s still a warrior, strong, and capable, but not so fierce. He’s a leader of his people, not a loner.

I think I’ve written my heroes differently enough from each other as to avoid them being cookie cutter.

The problem is…

I don’t feel that my Book Two Hero (B2H) is as strong of a hero as Max.

Also, I fear Max overshadows him in the few scenes they share in book two. Max’s reactions are immediate, physical, and fierce. B2H is a leader; his reactions can’t be physical every time. For some reason, this is making him appear weaker to me.

How do I show B2H’s strength/power without making him physically stronger or have physical reactions to situations? I want to avoid cookie cutter heroes.

I tried Googling, “How not to make your heroes all sound alike” but came up with nothing, which means I’m probably not on the right track. Can you help? Whether you’re a writer or not doesn’t matter to me, any thoughts are welcome in the comments section. I’d love to hear any advice, tips, or links you’d care to share. If you are a published author, how did you make your alpha heroes different? Especially alpha heroes in the same series. Thanks!

~K.M. Fawcett