Training Travis

My new contemporary romance, TRAINING TRAVIS, is now available!

TRAINING TRAVIS, available now!!!

TRAINING TRAVIS, available now!!!

Two professionals with a past they thought forgotten—can they keep their relationship strictly business when the passion reignites?

After the death of his ex-wife, Travis McGill becomes sole parent to his fifteen-year-old daughter. Determined to do what’s best for her—even if it means reopening old wounds—Travis moves back to his Pennsylvania hometown.

Rebecca Evans never forgave Travis for the way he dumped her. Not only did he break her heart sixteen years ago, but he and his daughter are a reminder of the family she never had. But when Travis asks her to redecorate his Victorian house, she can’t turn her back on him or his angry, grieving daughter.

Getting Rebecca back in his life might not be the easiest task, but Travis is determined to try. Can he earn the trust of the two most important women in his life? Or—will he need on-the-job training?

Cathy Tully
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4 responses to “Training Travis

  1. Congratulations!!! I wish you much success!

  2. Thanks, my friend : ))

  3. This really does sound like an emotional roller-coaster!

  4. It’s a contemporary romance that has it’s funny and touching moments. Not very very sad, just a touch : )))

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