Fun with Tropes

Tropes. Tropes are commonly used themes or devices. The romance genre is full of them. Amnesia stories, marriage of convenience stories, Cinderella stories we’ve all read and loved them.  Why? Probably because they are so familiar. While new and different is great. Sometimes, as readers, we want the tried and true.

Personally, I’m a sucker for the secret baby trope. They’re practically auto buy stories for me especially if you toss in some sort of royalty. I think the idea of  an ordinary person being thrust into a world of titles and tiaras is a fascinating concept. It’s also great fun to watch a hero cope with both a sense of duty to his people all while trying to adapt to being a husband and father. A favorite story that always comes to mind, that includes both of these tropes is I Married a Prince by Kathryn Jensen. It’s a classic Silhouette Desire that I really enjoy.

Taking a trope and using it as the base of a story can be a fun challenge especially if you’re looking to put a new twist on an old, favorite story. So, tell me what are your favorite tropes? Are you a fan of the the boss and the secretary? The ducking to swan stories? Please share and tell us why?





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