The Post Book Break

Aulani View

Most of September was a crazy month although the first week was pretty awesome. I spent the week in Hawaii.  Ah, so pretty and relaxing. While we were there we also went to Pearl Harbor. It was fascinating and sad all at one.  If you ever travel to  Hawaii it should absolutely be on your sightseeing list.

Then I came home and dove back into my manuscript. I am thrilled and excited to say that as of this weekend, I am finished and the book is off of my desk and onto my agent’s. I know it will boomerang back to me soon, but for right now I am taking a break.  This week it’s going to be me and my Xbox. I’m going into full gamer girl mode. Now that I’ve, at long last, hit the end I need to give my brain and my muse a vacation.  I’ll be refilling the creativity wells by immersing myself in the story of the game. That’s half the fascination of video games for me is the story.  The combination of the story and the fabulous graphics just transport me to another world. I can enjoy and relax and sometime get creeped out, but all in all I’m having fun.  While I’m distracted by games my subconscious is busy working on my next story.

So tell me fellow writers, what do you do for your post book break? Do you catch on missed television shows? Make a dent in the ever growing TBR pile? We all need to refill those creative stockpiles in between projects so please share how you recharge.

2 responses to “The Post Book Break

  1. Well I just finished up copy edits. My brain is fried. I’m going to do a whole lot of karate in the next few days. Hopefully the activity will get my blood pumping and oxygen circulating to the brain again. 🙂

  2. Actually so far things haven’t exactly gone as planned. But I’ve gotten a number of things that needed doing done. So I guess that’s something.

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