The Flesheater

No, I’m not referring to zombies.

Flesheater Combat Knife
Photo courtesy of Jim Hammond’s website

I’m talking about this fierce looking combat knife called the Flesheater. It was designed by world renowned martial artist and retired USMC Master Sergeant AJ Advincula, and custom made by knife maker Jim Hammond.

It’s also the knife alpha gladiator Max uses in my sci-fi romance, Captive (Book #1 in the Survival Race Series). This 14 inch knife with its nine inch re-curve blade was designed for one thing, combat. And Max knows how to wield it in a fight.

I own this knife (though my husband mistakenly believes it’s his, but let’s not open up that can of worms) and train with it. Let me tell you, it is one serious weapon. You can cut a limb off with this thing! Don’t believe me? Watch the ten second video below.

Relax, no humans were hurt in the video. We simply took a rolled up tatami mat and soaked it in lake water (we were at karate camp at the time. Uh yeah, karate camp isn’t your typical camp, folks). This dense, waterlogged tatami is supposed to simulate the muscle of a human arm. I suppose if you wanted to simulate bone, you’d add a dowel to the center of the mat. Anyone can cut through tatami with a sword, but you need to have good technique with a short blade. Play the video clip and watch me hack off a limb what this awesome knife can do. *Warning* Don’t do this at home kids.

If Max could see me, I hope he’d be proud.

For specifics on the Flesheater knife, its history, and design, including the unique four grip handle, I encourage you to click over to Custom Knife Maker Jim Hammond’s website.

To see Max wielding the Flesheater combat knife, read Captive, and enjoy the adventure!

~K.M. Fawcett

4 responses to “The Flesheater

  1. Enjoyed this month’s blog Kathy. How about making a video with a Max model. Liked watching you- very impressive- but would love to see Max in action. Know any hunky guys that might fit the bill??? As far as owner of the knife- I believe the general rule of thumb is “possession is 9/10ths of the law.” In this case it think it might translate to “I’m holding it now, just try to take it from me.”

  2. Hmm…I would love to find a Max model. Know anyone? πŸ™‚ Scott and I have now collected 3 of the Fleasheater knives. All different sizes. I like the 9″ blade the best. I keep telling him he can have the others, but that one is mine. And if all goes as planned the art department is supposed to use it on the cover of Book 2. If that happens, then he has to conceded the knife belongs to me. πŸ™‚

  3. Is it weird that I get a kick out of weapons? I’ve always wanted to know I could kick some serious butt if I had to. But I can’t…Anyway, I’m enjoying Captive and I’ll let Max do the butt kicking! Or you!

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