An Indecent Proposition by Stephanie Julian

An Indecent PropositionToday we have author Stephanie Julian with us talking about her latest book, a serial romance, entitled An Indecent Proposition. Welcome to the Attacking the Page Steph!

I got a call from my critique partner, Judi Fennell, last October. She wanted to know if I wanted to be in an anthology with her, Olivia Cunning, Cherrie Lynn and Cari Quinn.

I said yes. I’m not stupid.

Then I hung up the phone and thought, oh, crap, what the hell am I going to write?

My first idea was a novella based on my Forgotten Goddesses series. I actually started to write that story (and you’ll see that one, probably early next year) but then I got another idea.

Two men (because I love ménage stories), one woman and a whole lot of money for one night with her. Why all that money? Because money screws up everything. Otherwise, I had no idea why the men were going to give her all that money. And why would any sane woman take any amount of money to sleep with a stranger? To make this work, she was going to need a really good excuse. By this time, my brain had kicked in and was starting to work through scenarios.

When I get an idea, I almost always see the first scene of the story. Sometimes it doesn’t always stay the first scene but this time it did. Two men waiting for the woman they both want. And since this is one of my stories, they don’t have a problem sharing.

But one of the men was in the shadows. And he wasn’t going to be involved in the actual seduction. No, he was going to be watching from those shadows. Why?

Well, because he’s badly scarred, of course. Beauty and the Beast? My absolute favorite fairy tale.


Erik and Keegan are best friends and owners of a multimillion-dollar company. Three years ago, Erik was horribly scarred by an explosion in their lab and Keegan lives with the guilt that it should have been him in the lab that night.

Julianne and her mom are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to her mom’s illness.

It’s a simple enough setup but it’s ripe with angst. I love angst. A love story needs good angst.

Since this was an anthology of novellas, AN INDECENT PROPOSITION was only 18,000 words. But I knew the story wouldn’t be complete. There are three parts so far. Part Four will be out in September and I plan to complete the story by Part Six.

I hope you’ll follow along on the journey. I don’t always know where I’m going but I know there will be some twists along the way. They make life so much more fun.

You can get AN INDECENT PROPOSITION PART I free at digital retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes.

Parts 2 & 3 are also available, as well as Volume One, which includes Parts 1-3.

Check out my website at for more information.

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