Doctor Who and The Black Moment

Thanks to Jennifer Crusie and Who Sundays on her Argh Ink blog, I’ve started watching Doctor Who (the new series with the ninth, tenth, and eleventh doctors). I watched the first episode, “Rose” and thought, “This is pretty good. The killing mannequins are a little hokey, but I like the characters and the show.” So then I watched the next episode and then the next, and in two weeks I’ve watched 4 seasons plus all the specials.

Someone could have warned me that Doctor Who was TV crack!

I can’t get enough. I love this show. The characters are fun, the writing is brilliant, and the situations always go from bad to worse. As I watch and wonder what clever way the doctor will get everyone out of this mess…bam!…the situation goes from worse to absolute disaster.

What? There’s no way they can get out of this! Someone’s going to die. Will it be a companion? Will it be the Doctor?

Talk about action packed fiction! Wow.

My family thinks I’m crazy watching this show…(well, perhaps it’s not the show so much as my obsessive viewing). What they don’t realize is that I’m not merely watching, I’m working. Doctor Who has actually improved my writing.

Last week, I’d been contemplating a black moment, the part of the story where all seems lost. It wasn’t working. It didn’t have the impact it should…probably because the moment was more gray than black. Watching the depth of trouble the Doctor and his gang get into, and the clever ways they get out of them helped me push further and think up a darker, better, more meaningful black moment. It worked. I’m very excited about what I came up with.

So the next time the family interrupts me with a “You’re watching this again?” I can reply, “Shh. I’m working.” 😉

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Who is your favorite Doctor? If you’re a writer, what TV shows or movies helped improve your writing? Please leave a comment, but no spoilers. Today I’ll be watching David Tennant’s last episode, The End of Time, Part Two.

~ K.M Fawcett

16 responses to “Doctor Who and The Black Moment

  1. Get your tissues ready…you will need them. 10 is best doctor in my opinion, but 11 is really growing on me. You are right, the writing is amazing. RTDavies was a master. Moffat is pretty good too, wait till you learn about River. OMG hahah. I’ve gotten three people including my mother to watch Doctor Who. We’ll talk, next meeting. We should do a Who panel about the writing side of the show, might be fun.

    • I love ten! At first, I wasn’t sure if I would because I liked nine. But ten turned out to be a great character with awesome facial expressions and emotion and wit. I’m worry about eleven. I hope I fall in love with him too.

  2. I’ve liked all the Doctor’s. Tom Baker is probably my favorite simply because he was the Doctor when I discovered the series. Although, I really like the new Doctor. David Tennant was fun but I kept seeing him in my mine as the bad guy, Bertie JR, in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    • I haven’t seen any of the older Doctor Who episodes. That will probably be on my list after I catch up with the new ones. Haven’t seen Goblet of Fire either. I know, I know. I’m living under a rock. 🙂

      • Goblet of Fire is the reason I stared watching Who. I loved Barty Crouch Jr. thought he was a great character and really wanted to see more. Then I saw the Doctor Who commercials for 10’s series’, it was my brother who pointed out that it was Jr. LOL and in the two parter Army of Darkness/Doomsday, the bad guy played Barty Crouch Sr. Oh many there are so many little behind the scenes things for Who, it’s like a family over there.

  3. The old doctors had their moments, too. I think I’ve seen every episode there is, but started with Tom Baker and worked backwards, then forwards again. The Doctor is addictive. Now, with the CGI, the monsters are better than ever.
    And, considering that the original early Doctor shows were episodic, you had each one ending in a true cliffhanger of mortal danger…it kept getting worse and worse. A good lesson for all writers. But, The Doctor always survived unless it was time for a regeneration.

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  5. So that’s where you’ve been hiding. Haha.

  6. Jenn – Apparently Doctor Who has lots of Easter eggs. The Shakespeare episode contained Harry Potter references. The Doctor even says “Good old J.K.”

    Irene – I’d like to see the old episodes but I worry they won’t be as good since I’m used to the modern Who – fast paced and CGI. I figure the reason the Daleks look so retro is because that’s the way they looked in the 60s. I’m also guessing the Cybermen were from that time too.

    Margaret – Yeah, pretty much.

    • BBC has been showing once a month an episode of each of the Doctors. Last was Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor and when I began watching. He’s still good looking and has that laugh. I suspect the 50th anniversary will be when they get to Matt Smith.

  7. I am a fan and went to the Doctor Who panel at Comic Con in 2011 when Matt Smith was there. I would love to stalk Steven Moffat and Russell Davies the writers, sit in on their sessions, pick their brains. I also use the episodes for writing purposes and would love for one of the writers to come to either RT or RWA. Not a subtle hint.

    • Yasmine – Comic Con must have been awesome. I second your Doctor Who writer’s panel at RWA or RT! I’d be there in a heartbeat.

      • On Torchwood, which is an anagram for Doctor Who, Davies said at the end of the miniseries, Children of Earth, he wanted Gwen to have her ‘happy ever after’, Gwen was pregnant. I screamed. It’s a love story. He wrote a love story
        On my Facebook page I posted a picture of Smith and Tennant standing in front of the Tardis.

  8. I completely understand your addiction and I fully support it!!! David is my favorite and so was Rose, so I kind of can’t wait for the 50th anniversary!! Hope you are all caught up by then 😀

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