Here’s the cover of my new novella, MARRYING MR. RIGHT, from The Wild Rose Press, which is part of a new series titled: Dearly Beloved. It’s available for download now on Amazon.

Missy Modesto had it all: a successful business, two fabulous kids, and a twenty-nine year marriage to her high school sweetheart. Until…too many fights became too many arguments and, unable to compromise, she and Vinnie separated.

Vinnie Modesto is putting it all together by keeping in touch with his kids, and growing his business to its full potential–something he should have done before his marriage, to the only woman he ever loved, crumbled.

In the midst of their daughter’s impromtu wedding, Missy isn’t prepared to see Vinnie so soon, never mind accept his offer to help with the wedding. Will she see the man Vinnie’s become during their separation and take him back? Or will she think this is just another one of Vinnie’s empty promises?

The link is:

I loved writing this novella because it’s fun, fast paced and features a dog I know  personally : )

Mr. Hugo!

I also enjoyed writing it because the heroine is strong, yet vulnerable and the ending is a bit of a twist a reader will enjoy if they love happily ever afters.

I hope you’ll read this story and enjoy it as much as I do!


Cathy Tully

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, Available now,

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