Going For The Groin

Erik and me on Tsuken Island (Okinawa – 2011) Click the picture to fully appreciate Erik’s expression. 🙂

A while ago, I had received an entry back from a writing contest. The judged submission included a scene where my hero and heroine were caged together to breed gladiators for the Survival Race–a blood sport where the last man alive wins. My hero was eager to mate. My heroine…not so much. In fact, Addy fended off Max’s advances with a knee to the groin.

Addy’s knee-jerk reaction (sorry bad pun) was quick and effective. I liked it. The judge didn’t. Her comment was that my heroine “wouldn’t have been able to knee the hero in the groin because men protect that area all too well.”

What! Was this judge serious?

Was she really suggesting that a woman shouldn’t target the groin? Ever? Apparently she has:

  • Never taken a self-defense class. I don’t know of a self-defense instructor who doesn’t teach how to strike the groin. It’s a great target for a woman to strike because it doesn’t require strength to cause debilitating pain thanks to sensitive nerve endings.
  • Never practiced a martial art. Not only do martial artists learn how to protect their groins, they learn countless ways in which to strike them too. Seriously, it’s almost an art in and of itself. You can strike it with your heel, the ball of your foot, a knee, a shin, a hip, a punch, an uppercut, a back fist, an elbow, a ridge hand, and a slap just to name a few. We haven’t even talked about weapons yet. Oh, and don’t forget the grab and squeeze! A Chinese woman actually killed a man earlier this year by squeezing his testicles.
  • Never heard of the no hitting below the belt rule in sports. Even in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), a fighting sport that lets you get away with a lot, doesn’t stand for that. I found 31 fouls in the rulebook on the UFC website. Number seven is no groin strikes of any kind.
  • Never heard of a protective cup. Again on the UFC website, the first piece of protective equipment required is a groin protector for the men. Not to mention companies insuring martial arts schools require them too.

If men “protect that area all too well” then why is it necessary to make safety rules, and hard plastic or steel shields? Hello! The reason is because you only need a small amount of pressure to create a lot of hurt. A finger flick can make a member sore.

Granted that the groin may not be the opportune target every time. Men can and do protect that area. But not always well enough, and not when they least expect it (the latter was the case in my scene). If they protected themselves 100% of the time, there wouldn’t be hours of footage on YouTube and America’s Funniest Home Videos with surprise hits to that most tender area.

Needless to say, I didn’t change that scene. It’s a good thing too, because my editor’s comment upon reading it was, “Good Girl. Ha!”

So what do you think? Do you agree with the judge or the editor? I love hearing from you. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

By the way, if you’re interested you can read this scene in my debut novel, CAPTIVE, available now for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. Captive releases electronically April 1st and in print April 2nd.

~K.M. Fawcett

12 responses to “Going For The Groin

  1. You have valid points. I agree with your editor.

  2. I’m on your side, Kathy! The vulnerable areas are down the center of the body, and when fighting a man, the groin is going to be tops on my list for debilitating him. Even an indirect blow could distract him enough for escape or a follow-up attack.

  3. You bet! Favorite targets? Eyes, nose, throat, GROIN!

  4. I disagree with the judge. Instead of going striaght to the groin area becasue men do expect it, It is better to distract them in some way such as punches or fingers to the face. I want you to try an experiment. Please stand up and pretend someone is s striking to your face or coming at your eyes with all their fingers. You will move your head and upper body backward. What will come forward? Your groin. They are attached if one goes forward ( such as the head) the other goes back such as the groin. Over the years in free type sparring I have moved or broke 8 cups on men who have been dis restful to me. It can be done easily but you need to distract them first.

  5. I want to question/comment three things:

    1 – Why are all the pics you post of me where I’m getting beat up by you?!?!?! LOL

    2 – I wasn’t afraid of the knee strike; my feet were getting cold because the water came up! LOL

    3 – Seriously – awesome post! Many learn self defense techniques and say, “See, it doesn’t work when a strong guy is holding me.” Most forget the loosening techniques – the groin being the major one!

    Great Job!

  6. honesty avoiding hitting a man there for self defense purposes is stupid. As a man i can think of few things more painful and humiliating then getting kicked in the groin. Really the pain can sometimes be so unbearable i can barely move. I really dont think women have a concept of how debilitating it is. Rather then making me more angry i feel both physically and emotionally weakened. And any good fighter can strike many different areas on the body even when they are being protected. I honestly think the self defense myth that women should not attack mens groins must have been started by a man. many men dont like the idea that women can beat them in a fight, especially with one simple blow inflicted by a woman. This is especially true since a man kicking a womans groin wont have the same effect. I think men are somewhat embarrased and uncomfortable about this issue.

  7. This is true! Growing up i had two older brothers, so going for the groin was ALWAYS my first line of defence! The best target to go for on a man for sure!

  8. That little exchange you guys had where you talked about whether it’s normal for a boy to be beaten with a kick there… I can say yes. 😦 I’m a twelve year old boy who started doing martial arts because I’m really scrawny and skinny cause I haven’t had a growth spurt or anything yet. I invited this older girl I really like to a free lesson and we sparred light but she ended up kicking me dead on in my ahem…well…my soft squishy boy parts girls don’t have. I didn’t wear a cup or anything. I really wanted to impress her so bad. That’s why I invited her so I tried to just shake it off but my legs instantly turned to jelly and I just went down hard and curled up. I started crying and couldn’t even get up. Your a woman. Do you have any advice on how to seem tougher to her? Obvioussly I’m not if that’s my reaction to getting hit there though. Any advice? I’m just super embarrassed. She’s said before that she likes “tough guys,” so I wanted to show her that I was. But apparently I’m not if that’s all it took to turn me into a baby basically. You seem nice and someone who would give good advice.

  9. Sorry for trying to make the convo all about me the other day. Just needed some advice. But I will say as a boy that everyone here is right. If you hit a boy in the again… Ahem…. Soft squishy boy parts girls don’t have it will take him down. The second I felt them get smashed accidentally by the girl in my other comments foot I was done. I was literally helpless and couldn’t get up. Or even stop crying. Take it from a boy: if you can hit a boy in those parts, you’ve won the fight. I’ve been training since I was little and it didn’t sven matter. I was curled up and sobbing. My mom has always told me boys are inferior because of what happens when they get hit in their parts. I think I totally believe her now.

  10. hey tyler you dont worry I’m ten and started Rae Kwon do when I was 5. in my second class I got kicked right in the privates in front of girls to I didnt know anything about cups. i did exactly what you did and fell to the ground and cried and couldnt stand up you don’t need to be embarrrasd that’s just part of being a boy. And in kindergarten a girl always bullied me and hit me there with her knee and I couldn get up for ten minutes it’s just a fact of being a boy and havin those parts olif you get hit in them your done Thats what will always happen if you get hitt there. i forgot my cup just last week and got kicked on my 10th birthday by accident and I went down and couldn’t get up it even happened to my dad and hes in the army and huge and he went down. Don’t worry bout it there’s nothing you can do to stop that from happening cept being more careful.

    • And to every body else talkin about if its a good idea yes it is take it from a boy that girl in kindergarten with me hit me maybe five times and every time I was done and my legs gave out. It’s a easy way for a girl to beat a boy. We’re friends now. But Ive been hit maybe 10 or 15 times and every time it was a good hit I went to the ground and cried

  11. I joined my dojo when I was only 11 years old, and it wasn’t long before I saw my first kick in the testicles. At first, he just turned away from the boy that kicked him, with a pained expression on his face. Then the pain really seemed to hit him and he sank firstly to his knees, and then fell sideways and curled up on the floor holding his balls in obvious agony. I had been told that the testicles were very sensitive, but to see an almost fully grown man completely incapacitated by an accidental kick from a young boy was almost unbelievable to a young girl like me. I asked another girl why he hadn’t been wearing the protective box I’d heard about, and she told me that he HAD!!!To this day I still find it hard to believe that testicles are so fragile.
    Now, 13 years later, I still witness guys racked during sparring on a regular basis, and it always sends a thrill down my spine when I see it. Like most girls, I find it empowering and reassuring that even the largest, strongest man has, hanging between his legs, a place of such awkward vulnerability.
    It has been said here that it is a poor choice as a first strike, but not long ago I witness a match between a 16 year-old girl and a boy of similar age. He accidentally struck her breast a glancing blow and, whilst it didn’t hurt her, she was so offended she completely lost her temper and threw a series of kicks towards his groin. He parried a few, but the fear of getting kicked there made him turn away from her and cower on the ground! He was so embarrased and demoralised that he left the club immediately.
    By all means throw a feint towards his eyes first, but in my experience, if you manage to hit a guy’s testicles directly with a solid kick or punch the fight will be over. Period!
    Why they don’t teach this to every girl at school I cannot understand. Giving this knowledge to all girls would virtually put a stop to domestic violence, and even many rapes. Come on governments: make it compulsory and give girls a fighting chance!

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