This past Saturday afternoon I held a Book Launch party at my home for my release, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. After only three months in e-book I sold enough downloads to go to print on demand, and that alone was exciting. But, now I was more nervous because I’d never done anything like this book launch party before. Putting yourself out there in front of a group is intimidating. I guess because I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My writer side, told me this was something I had to do, the unconfident writer in me, however, dreaded it because I really didn’t think anyone would come. I mean, this is my first romance in print, it’s not as though I’m Nora Roberts or anything…. well, at least not yet : ) My husband was the mastermind behind this whole idea. Last month he decided that we needed to host this event to increase excitement and sell books. Okay, I get that, but I wasn’t prepared to invite 60 people to the house and assume they’d be happy, and excited and ready to celebrate this accomplishment with me.

Early on, my daughters, who are both very creative, got involved. They baked cookies in the shape of dog prints, dog bones and dogs. They put together goodie bags and stuffed them with the cookies, and other promo items. They made signs, a personal promo board embellished with a great review I received from Coffee Time Romance, and a memory board about the book I’ll cherish always.

As a hostess, I always want to make sure there is enough to eat and drink. My motto is, more is always better. Still, I worried whether what I purchased would be enough. You can never plan enough for a party…sometimes, people eat and drink everything, other times, nothing goes. I guess it was the unknown that worried me, like it always does when we have people over. Turns out, I had enough food and drinks. Everyone ate, bought several books each, posed for pictures with me and some even brought me flowers. I was amazed and touched by their support and whole-hearted, honest enthusiasm for my writing career.

Over and over I heard people saying what I feat I had achieved by being published in print, and that’s when it hit me…they were right, because, anyone can write a book, but not everyone publishes one.


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