Trying a New Writing Software: WriteWay Pro

I’ve recently turned in a book. (YAY!)  Since the manuscript was finished in a serious crunch, there’s no time for a break before getting my next project underway.  Time to plot!

I tried Scrivener last year for help with this process but found the software too cumbersome for my taste, but I really wanted software that would help pull together some of my plotting steps, especially since I’m writing 2 series simultaneously.

A friend recently told me about WriteWay Pro.  I downloaded the trial and was hooked.  It’s a simple program that allows me to keep my outline, characters, research, synopsis, and many other aspects of my new project in one file.  I had no trouble figuring out how to work anything without consulting the help button even once.  My absolute favorite function is the ability to import character profiles from previous books into new files. This will be a big help when I jump from one series to the other.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial if you want to check out WriteWay.

If I was going to give the folks at WriteWay any advice, it would be to add audio to their tutorial clips.  But you’ll get an idea of how the software functions.

Has anyone tried WriteWay?  What do you think?

5 responses to “Trying a New Writing Software: WriteWay Pro

  1. I have been strugging with Scrivener also. The interface on Writeway Pro seems much cleaner and straightforward. Can the program be used on more than one computer?

  2. I just purchased it and it can be installed on 4 machines. Here is a 50% coupon code for the professional edition. NANO-PRO12

  3. I’ve been contemplating a writing software. Thanks for the endorsement. I’m going to check this out.


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