The Side-Effects of Karate

I’m working on the end of a manuscript. Not only do I have a deadline looming, but at this stage of the creation process, I have trouble separating myself from my work to eat and sleep, let alone exercise. I can be crabby and short-tempered. I forget stuff (like this blog. Sorry the post is late!) My family starts giving me a lot of space.

But today is Thursday. And Thursday is one of my favorite days of the week.  Every Thursday morning, my karate studio offers an adult class. Most people have sucky day jobs, which means I often have sensei all to myself.  Sensei is a 7th degree senior master black belt in Amerikick Martial Arts, a 6th degree black belt in American Kenpo, a 3rd degree black belt in Modern Arnis, a black belt in Tang Soo Do and TaeKwon Do, and a black sash in Chines Wushu.

And every Thursday, I often get one-on-one instruction.

So this morning, despite my deadline and the momentum I had going on, I ripped myself away from my desk to go to class. And boy, and am I glad.

after countless hours of butt-in-chair, my body desperately needed to move. Though my shoulders and legs are tired from hitting and kicking the crap out of pads and mitts, I feel great. My mind is refreshed.

Karate does something for me no other sport has accomplished. It forces me to focus 100%.  When sensei is swinging mitts at my head, a drifting attention span is immediately penalized.

I have to get back to work now, but I’ll go back to writing with a clear head and a body that is no longer stiff from sitting too long.

How do you handle the intensity and hyper-focus that can take over the writing process?





4 responses to “The Side-Effects of Karate

  1. I’m pretty much exactly the same way. If I skip karate for more than a day or two I get all stuffy and irritable and my writing suffers. Going to the dojo and putting myself through my paces helps clear my head and loosen up my body. 🙂

  2. When I can’t pull myself away from the hyper-focus of writing by doing a moving meditation like t’ai chi, I always go back to the breathe (qigong usually). Well, that and the old-lady tactic of watching the finches on the bird feeder outside my home office window. 🙂

  3. Is it tru that karate causes impotence.kindly conform scoentifically

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