Paco Media Says “Don’t Be Afraid of SEO” by Terry Kate

Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization or SEO. It’s a term that’s bandied about quite often these days. What is it exactly? Why is it important for authors to understand.  Today, Terry Kate of Paco Media Group joins us to shed some light on this topic.


If you haven’t run screaming just based on the title of my post then you are a valiant, brave, and intrepid author. If you have lived in fear of being called out and asked to explain what Search Engine Optimization is and how it effects author searchability, branding and sales, fear no more. There is a central and basic truth to the whole concept and how to make it work for you.

My Advice?

Spit it out!

Make it simple!

Don’t play coy with the readers! SEO is basically describing your work so that people interested in reading it can FIND YOU. So help a reader out and introduce yourself, what you write, and where we can find the books online. Make it easy for us to make the next step, click through on a link and buy the book.

Step One: Know what the heck it is that you are writing! Maybe that came out wrong, but really, how can you expect people to find you and your books if the genre is never listed? What about the theme? Or the time period?

Step Two: Don’t be afraid to repeat this information where ever you go online. Don’t belabor the point, but keep in mind there are always readers discovering you online when they check out a new blog, or a friend’s review on Goodreads. There are authors every time a reader looks around. Names blur, titles sound similar, covers are… not always unique, so share details that will hook readers on the prowl for just what is is you are writing.

“As an author of Vampire Romance…”

“I have always been drawn to Dark Urban Fantasy, BOOK TITLE HERE is just the kind of story I looked for as a reader and could not find. So I wrote it! ”

Step Three: Be consistent. Use the same wording in the different posts you do. If it is a “Coming of Age” story then that is your term. Avoid switching it all of the time. “A novel of discovery” “Growing up with divorced parents” “The transition to adulthood” (Okay these may not be killer examples, but I am warning you, use the clearest and easiest description.)

On the most basic level this is what SEO does and how you can use it to connect with readers. Once you make that connection it is up to your product to sell itself. A good cover, a solid description, and clear genre labels, and you can draw in an already interested reader. Add a killer excerpt to really hook them and you got a sale.

I want to thank Rayna so much for having me on. I will be dropping in all day to reply to comments and you can see more posts by me at Paco Media Group. The site will be addressing all of the basic issues I teach courses on and do public speaking about. Because author brand is important, and developing an online presence is something you can control and influence.

Thank you again everyone for your time in checking this out.

Terry Kate

Bio: Terry Kate is the creator of Romance in the Backseat, the Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. She entered the Publishing Industry as a member of the press and slowly transitioned to consulting, teaching classes, and finally web designer/SEO specialist. Find out more about Paco Media Group and their services at

4 responses to “Paco Media Says “Don’t Be Afraid of SEO” by Terry Kate

  1. Thanks again for having me on ladies!
    Looking forward to hearing from your readers.
    Terry Kate

  2. Great information. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Just chiming in here. Terry is absolutely right. Quantity and quality of link backs is key for SEO, but there are other things that you can do as well. One of them is using keywords on your website pages. A lot of authors don’t think about that and thus have no keywords in the Meta tags of there site. Come up with keywords that are appropriate to what you write and get them added to your website pages (every page not just the homepage).

    Every little bit helps to have your site rise to to the top of the search engine list.


  4. Rayna is right for sure. Author sites can be very complicated in some ways. Promotion has changed with the internet more than people realize. Now every little link and key word across the internet forever influences you as an author.

    Because everything ties together and influences the search results it is hard to pick on any one element alone. the biggest help to start off nice and easy is just consistency. Meta, tags, alt text, titles, other deeper SEO is great, but if you are not ready to take the plunge get your feet wet at least!

    Terry Kate

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