Book in a Week Update


I don’t think Book-in-a-Week is for me.  I’ve spent the last three days writing and deleting a lot of words only to decide the story didn’t begin in the right place.  I need to start over. Maybe BIAW would work after I’ve established my 1st three chapters, but to start off with the pressure of typing many, many words each day, no matter how wrong my brain knows they are, just doesn’t work for me. I have discovered that I am NOT a pantser. I need structure. I don’t need to know everything that’s going to happen in the book. Subplots might arise as I move alone, but I need a clear direction and story goals to get off to the right start.

Yesterday I abandoned any attempt to write actual scenes and began a synopsis. Today I’ll continue to work on that, plus work on my character sketches. Deb Dixon’s GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict will likely be addressed, also my personal favorite story structure guide, Syd Field’s The Foundations of Screenwriting.

Does anyone else know of any beginning-the-book resources?  Books on plotting or character development that maybe I haven’t read yet.  What’s your go-to tool for story structure?



3 responses to “Book in a Week Update

  1. Thank for your sharing! It is very useful for me!

  2. I’m the same way! I usually rewrite the first chapter three times before I feel like I can start the rest of the book. Even with NaNoWriMo, I spend months at least planning the first few chapters so I get off to the right start.

    Story Engineering by Larry Brooks is a great one for structure and Make a Scene by Jordan Rosenfeld has a chapter on writing the first chapter.

  3. Thanks, Jamie. I’m going to check out Make a Scene!

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