Lady Jane’s Salon and LSF Writers Con

I’ve been swamped over the last few days trying to make sure that I’ve taken care of as many details as possible so that that LSF Writers’ conference this coming weekend is a a success. To that end, this post will be a bit of blatant promotion.

If you’re in the Iselin, NJ area, please join us on Saturday for our multi-author book signing. The Book Fair at the Create Something Magical Conference is open to the general public and will be held from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Crystal B and C Ballrooms at the Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel, 515 Route 1 South & Gill Lane Iselin, New Jersey.

Meet and greet over 30 authors in various genres during the book fair and pick up some books to add to your To-Be-Read pile. Many thanks to Watchung Booksellers for helping us with the book fair sales!

Here’s a flyer with conference details and a list of signing authors.

If you can’t be there in person you can still join in the fun. LSF Writers , Avon Romance, and Lady Jane’s Salon will be doing a Live Streaming event. We’ll be broadcasting this special addition of Lady Jane’s Salon featuring Katharine Ashe, Sarah MacLean, and Maya Rodale over the internet. The event starts this Saturday, March 17th, at 12:30 pm. Here’s a link so you can watch the readings and ask your questions of these three talented authors.

We do hope you’ll try and join us either in person or virtually.

Now, I have get back to the conference prep. See you Saturday!





4 responses to “Lady Jane’s Salon and LSF Writers Con

  1. Thanks for the info – will pass along flyer for the book fair. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing you too!

  3. Can’t wait for the conference. I know it will be a success as you always think of everything! 🙂 See you Friday.

  4. From your lips Kathy, from your lips… 😉
    See you tomorrow.

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