What Does it Feel Like to be Hit

Recently, we at ATP were asked what it felt like to be hit. Here are our answers.

Punches to the face:  While none of us are prize fighters, we do spar in karate. Even an accidental blow to the face HURTS. Eyes water reflexively. Noses bleed an extraordinary amount. When hit in the eye, even lightly, vision is blurred or cloudy for while afterward. Blows to the jaw can result in loss of consciousness (boxers refer to this as the “glass jaw”). In a street fight, the damage would likely be much worse as the person isn’t trying to score a point. His intention is to hurt his opponent.

Hard blow to the stomach:

Melinda: It effing hurts. Vomiting is common. Breathing will be difficult as the air is “knocked” out of you. I took a solid kick to the solar plexus in my sparring test for my 1st degree, through a padded rib guard, and had to bow out for about 5 minutes. My lungs felt like they wouldn’t expand. I returned to the mat, but my knees were shaky and I felt winded for the remainder (about 30 minutes) of the test. I was so glad to limp home and ice everything.

Kathy: Earlier in my training, my husband (who is also my teacher) kicked me in the right side and I swear it felt as though my midsection shifted two feet to the left (like you’d see in a cartoon character) before returning to normal.  It hurt for a while but I was ok.  Last year I got kicked really hard in the ribs and thought they were broken it hurt so bad.  They weren’t though.

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