Fighting Q&A

The three of us here on Attacking the Page were recently interviewed by Angela Knight for her class on writing fight scenes.  For today’s post I thought I’d share one of those questions and the answers that each of us gave.

I’d also love to know some ‘sneaky’ tricks/punches a woman could pull on a man who surprises her with an attack since not all my female protags are warriors, just strong women with strong self-preservation senses.

Melinda’s answer:  Chops or punches to the Adam’s apple, palm strikes to the nose, knees or kicks to the groin, thumb gouges to the eyes, boxing the ears. Generally, the soft areas that run from a man’s face to his groin are all good targets.

Kathy adds: Kicks to the knees could take a guy down as well.

Rayna adds: I’m a fan of elbow strikes, at least for in close fighting. I can hit someone harder with my elbow then my hand. I don’t want to hurt my hand, my elbow can take more of an impact. Plus a quick shot to the gut or chin can stun someone just long enough for me to get away or at least put enough distance between us so I can use my legs, which is my stronger weapon.

I thought I’d also share this interesting instructional video on different types of elbow strike.

4 responses to “Fighting Q&A

  1. Loved the comments relating to strike areas. In Krav Maga, we also gouge the eyes with fingers and thumbs. We recommend that you practice finding the eyes with your thumbs and then simulate insertion into the sockets.

    And in addition to kicking the groin (which is one of our favorite moves in Krav Maga), we also palm heal strike the groin as part of our counter-attack cycle.

  2. Thanks, Stephen. Whenever I’m looking for brutal and effective combat type moves for scenes, I go on YouTube and look for Krav techniques.

    In Kenpo, we also love the heel palm to the groin. Often it’s delivered in what I like to call a “parting gift” as you’re moving away. One of my favorite move is call “squeezing the peach.” I probably don’t have to explain that one. LOL.

  3. Hello Melinda: I laughed out loud when reading your post above! Squeezing the Peach / Monkey Grabbing Peaches requires no further explanation!!! It’s a powerful equalizer loved by my female students!!! … Incidentally, you might like to check out a VERY short free video we shot at showing a female student in action … Moreover, if you ever have any specific fight scene / Krav Maga video needs, I would be happy to see if we can accommodate you. Just let me know. Also just FYI, we have filmed a women’s self defense class that addresses Krav moves specifically for women. It’s on our web site … but unlike the first video referenced above, it’s not free. Anyways, its just an FYI. Regards, Stephen.

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