Who Remembers Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?

I’m always thinking about kick butt heroines. So, today I’m taking you on a trip down memory lane.  Here’s a bit of nostalgia for those old enough to remember it. If you never seen Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman <gasp>, watch the clip. She was truly awesome.

This clip stirred some warm and fuzzy memories from my childhood.  Lynda Carter in her role as Wonder Woman was part of the inspiration for Amazon Heat.  Got to love a gal who can toss cars in hot shorts, a bustier and bright red go-go boots. Unlike the darkness in a lot of current day super-hero movies, the Wonder Woman series from the 1970s was pure fun.

Is anyone else having nostalgia pangs?  Or, if you’re not old enough to have watched the series, what do you think of the clip?

7 responses to “Who Remembers Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman?

  1. The music is corny but Wonder Woman is great. :^)

  2. Loved Wonder Woman. But looking at her now, I know she’d never make it on today’s TV–she’s a real woman, with curves, sadly not today’s anorexic superhero.

  3. I loved Lynda Carter and Wonder Woman as a kid! I even had a WW story on record that I used to listen to. She’s still my favorite superhero. Gorgeous, smart, and kick-ass. 😉

  4. I think Lynda Carter still rocks ( and so does my husband). My theory on the reason Wonder Woman hadn’t been remade is that Lynda was so awesome, everyone is afraid they won’t measure up.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! This clip, funky 1970s music and all, brought a smile to my face.

  5. LOL I remember spinning in circles as a kid trying to become Wonder Woman.

  6. And how about the boomerang tiara< Jenny? What a cool weapon for a princess! A perfect match for those awesome bullet deflecting bracelets.

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