LSF Writers Conference Readers Event

What makes a great readers’ event? This year Liberty States Fiction Writers is expanding their conference to include panels and activities geared toward readers. Our hope is to create a setting where readers and writers can meet, mingle, and have a great time together. I’ve been to a couple of these events and have really enjoyed them. I’ve loved meeting other people who love to read just as much as I do. There’s nothing more fun then finding  someone with the same tastes in books as you. As a writer, it’s thrilling to meet people who are enthusiastic about your books.

In trying to put an event of this nature together we started by getting a great Keynote Speaker. We’re really looking forward to having Larissa Ione join us. From what I observed at other events that was not enough, so my next step was to create a collection of fun and engaging panels where readers could pick writers brains and learn more about their creative process.

Next we invited Lady Jane’s Salon to take part in our event.  We will serve coffee and dessert as we listen authors read from their own work. Plus we have a few other things cooking in regards to the Salon event so stay tuned for announcements. We also got a number of publishers to donate books and goodies so that every attendee will go home with a bag full of fun stuff.  Finally, we added a party so that writers and authors can dance the night away.

It should be a really fun event. If you’re interested in finding out more you can visit LSF Writers’ conference page for details.

Have you ever been to a reader’s event? What things did you like? What would you like to have seen done differently?


PS – Melinda and I are guest blogging and giving away copies of Amazon Heat on As the Pages Turn today and Bitten By Paranormal Romance tomorrow. We hope you’ll stop in and say hello.

One response to “LSF Writers Conference Readers Event

  1. The Reader’s Event will be awesome. Plus those who register before February 1st are eligible to win a Sony eReader! 🙂

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