Would You Fight Back?

Erik and I on Tsuken Island (Okinawa)

Recently, I had read a post on another blog about self defense, and something a commenter said struck me with surprise. She felt that if attacked, she could never fight back, as she could never hurt another mother’s son.

Wow. That’s a pretty noble statement.

Now she didn’t state her reasons for this. It could be her religious belief, or her moral code, or perhaps she recently gave birth and couldn’t imagine hurting another mother’s child. I don’t know. But it did make me think…

And my conclusion?

Yeah…umm…no…I could never be that noble.

While I’d like to believe I have high moral principles, I know absolutely, without a doubt that if I were attacked or threatened, I’d fight back. There is no turning the other cheek for this girl. I’d punch, kick, claw, bite, poke out eyes…anything to get away. No, I’m not normally a violent person..really…but if the situation comes down to my life versus the assailant’s, you can be sure I’ll fight for mine with everything I’ve got.

So my question for YOU is…would you fight back or not? If you would fight back, is there anything that you wouldn’t do (like biting or poking out eyes)? If you wouldn’t fight back, why not? I’m curious to know your thoughts, and whether or not you have martial arts or self defense experience.

Stay Safe!

~K.M. Fawcett

11 responses to “Would You Fight Back?

  1. I would have to fight back. As for rules, there would be only one: There are no rules when fighting for one’s life. Now, I will meter my response to what the threat is.
    In the past, I have managed to bluff my way out of trouble, and at times, I’ve been able to out maneuver the person to get away. It is not because I do not really want to hurt them. It’s because anytime you engage in a fight and even if you win, you will have injuries, and I am allergic to pain. Big Grin.
    As for method of fighting, if one is fighting for her/his life, anything goes: biting, scratching, stabbing with pens/pencils/etc, kicking knees, kneeing the groin or stomach, poking the eyes, etc.
    I try my best to resolve a situation without anyone being injured too badly, but if it is between me and some assailant, i rather it be him in the ambulance (or hearse) than me.

    Dennis H. Clarkston
    AKA Clark Stone

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Clark! I agree with you. Solving things peacefully and avoiding confrontations is best, but if the situation is bad, I’d rather it be him in the ambulance (or hearse) too.

  2. I hope I would fight back. I hope I never have to find out!
    Great post!

  3. Kathy: I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I would definitely fight. Even before I started taking martial arts I knew I would fight. Now, I’d like to think my odds of being effective are better.

    Eye poking and biting sound distasteful, but I think if I (or my family) were threatened, I’d do whatever it took. Like Mary, hope I never have to test the theory! 😉

    • I believe muscle memory from your training will kick in, making your odds better. Regarding biting: I’ve thought what if I draw blood and he’s HIV positive or something, but I’m not sure that I would be thinking like that in the situation. I’d probably bite.

  4. I would control the situation in what ever way was needed to what extent was needed. All creatures in nature including man have a basic instinct to protect themselves. Though in theroy someone would say I would turn the other cheek it would be very hard to over ride our natural instinct. During self defense seminars or presentations I have given at non martial arts venues such as the Lions club etc someone always says ” I depend on the Lord ot protect me. ” I usually say that is correct but the Lord helps those who help themselves he gives you the tools, mind body and soul and I feel he expects you to use them. ( we all know there are those such as young children, the infirmed, and elderly who may not be able to defend themselves , the above does not apply to them) Just a few of my thoughts. I am a martial artisted btw.

  5. Food for thought somewhat along these lines. I have a question for you. How many of you needed or wanted $50 so you robed a convience store? Have you gotten bored on a friday night so you get with some friends and went out and beat up someone just for the fun or to feel strong and in control? Instead of talking out a problem after a brief flare of tempers with your significant other did you beat the heck out of her so you could get it out of your system or to teach them a lesson? Have you raped someone? Hopefully these answers or no. My point is that someone who will do the above and similar do not think like we do. They have values and morals but they are different then ours. So when we have to defend ourselves if we want to control the situation and come out alive we can not assume things of the assilant based on our values and what we would do in that situation.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Linde. I agree our basic fight or flight instinct would kick in, however, some people may not fight back do to fear. I wonder if that freezing instead of fighting is a type of flight response? Hmm…

    You’re right about people who abuse, rape or hurt others for power, possessions, or money. They don’t think along the same moral lines as people who don’t do these things. Unfortunately, this leaves the victims with those questions of why me? But I believe the violent act is less about the victim, and more about the attacker. Meaning that the attacker is more focused on the attack itself and getting what he wants than who he is hurting. Does that make sense? Anyone have thoughts on that?

    • I believe that most crimes are about control. You have something such as money that the other person wants control of. In case of abuse or rape I definately feel it is about control. If you refer back to my first post I state I will do whatever is necessary to control the situation. I want to take control back from the agressor then end the situation.

  7. Difuse, discuss, defer, then DEFEND.

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