Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I have recently returned from a fabulous trip to Okinawa, Japan for a Cultural Martial Arts Tour. I have so much to share with you in the coming weeks! However, before diving into those posts, I wanted to share something else with you. Something that I have been planning for months. The day before my trip, I made a big change.

I cut off 11 inches of my hair to donate to charity. Here is my before picture…

And after (with hair straightened)…

Yes, I realize now that I should have put on makeup and worn something nicer. *sigh*  Here’s another after shot with hair curly.

I didn’t have time before my trip to mail my ponytail to Locks of Love, the charity that I had donated to in the past. Now that I am back home and the kids are settled with a regular school schedule, I am ready to do this. However, a friend shared with me her reservations about sending to this particular charity, and now I find myself wondering if it is or isn’t the best place to donate my hair.

This is where YOU come in. I need advice. Have you (or someone you know) donated your (their) hair? Which charity did you use? Why do you think it’s the best one? I’d like to weigh all the options before putting my 11 inches into a bubble mailer and sending it off. I appreciate any information you can give me.

~ K.M. Fawcett

11 responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Hi K.M. Fawcett,
    First, I like the after shot. Looks good.
    On a personal note my oldest daughter has Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder). So because of people like you, it helps a young girl look and feel “normal”. I thank you for your gift.
    My wife’s cousins donate to Locks of Love annually. Usually 18 inches at a time. I have yet to hear anything negative with regards to this organization but again wanted to personally say Thank You.

  2. It looks great! My daughter grew her hair out and sent it to Locks of Love. We have also not heard any negatives about this organization.

  3. I did the same thing several years ago and the salon who did it sent the hair to Locks of Love. Never heard anything negative about them.

    New do looks great!

  4. I have two friends who have sent their hair to Locks of Love. I have never heard anything negative about the organization.

    • Wow, a lot of people have donated to Locks of Love. Are there any other organizations people have donated to? Perhaps Locks of Love is the only one that takes hair?

  5. Herb sent his 14 inch ponytail to the Pantene site…we were told (by some of the cancer people of NJ) something negative about other organizations that collect hair, that they sell it, so he went through them. They sent him a lovely thank you letter!

    I must say, as one who has lost hair from chemotherapy…those locks sure do promote love. Losing one’s hair is just about as bad as having cancer.

    And you look lovely, Kathy, short hair or long!

  6. Love the short look, especially curly (but I’m biased ;))! Maybe you could search organizations that take hair? You might come across something none of us know about. I’d also ask at an oncology hospital. Chances are, they’re hooked up w/some organization that deals with hair donations.

  7. Where ever you choose to send it, it’s a wonderful thing to do! I love the new ‘do’. Curly or straight, it’s a flattering cut.

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