The Story in the Game

People play games for a variety of reasons from stress relief to appeasing the competitive spirit to social interaction and more. For me, video games are another way to be told a story.

I’m a video game fan. I fully admit it. I love to kill time battling dragons, defeating the bad guy, and marching on to victory while possibly finding a happily ever after. I was at a conference recently and got to chatting with a fellow author, and game fanatic, about a game called Dragon Age: Origins which is a mutual favorite. During our chat she said to me “I really wish I had written that story.” When I thought about her comment, it triggered a realization. First, I think it would be cool to be part of the team that crafts the story of a video game. Second, in many video games, especially role-playing games, it’s not just about the action of game, but the story itself that makes the play enjoyable for me. I like getting immersed in the journey of the game characters. In Dragon Age, it’s very much like those old choose your own ending books. Every choice and decision you make throughout the story determines the final outcome of the character relationships and ultimately the overall story. At the end of the day, that’s what really engages me more so then action and fighting in the game, I love building the relationships between the characters being for good or ill. Of course, I, also a sucker for a good love story and it’s fun for me to lead the game characters toward their HEA. I’ve played through Dragon Age twice now with the goal of having my character become queen. With as big a fan as I am of Disney princesses it should be no surprise I work toward becoming queen in the games I play. Video games for me have all of the same characteristics as a good book. Whether I’m playing or reading I’m still getting lost in a fascinating story.

So is anyone else out there a video game fan? Come on, it’ safe to admit it here. Any favorite games?

I love Dragon Age and all things Lego. Particular favorite Lego Harry Potter.




2 responses to “The Story in the Game

  1. I play video games, though not often. I usually play for the story. When it first came out, I was ALL OVER FFX. I LOVED that story line so much. More often, though, I enjoy watching other people play video games. I like sitting back and watching the story unfold without doing all the work, lol

    • Hi Alice,

      I never did get into playing FFX but that is one I like to watch a skilled player play. For the most part I like being part of the story which is why I play DA and Fable.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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