An Emotionally Challenging Test

Breaking out of a bear hug.

This year’s Tenchi Dojo Karate Camp was a special one for me. I had the honor of testing my first born for his black belt. Though I have to be honest and tell you it wasn’t an easy task testing my son. As a mother, my natural instinct is to protect my children, not pummel them (…even during those times when they test my patience and drive me so crazy the urge to kick their little butts give them a stern “talking to” runs strong…but I digress…).

Anyway…I never thought the emotional vortex of my own black belt testing could be rivaled. But it was on that weekend. The teacher in me wanted to push my student beyond his limits. The mother in me didn’t want my “little boy” to hurt. At one exhausted point during the four day camp, his body language screamed “Mom, I need to lean on you.” My arms ached to wrap him in a comforting hug. It killed me to walk away. He probably doesn’t even remember that, but it’s a moment I will NEVER forget. In the end, he got his hug (probably more hugs than he ever wanted to get in front of an audience), and his mother couldn’t have been more proud. Congratulations, Gregory, on your well deserved promotion to shodan (1st degree black belt). You are an amazing young man!

Mom congratulating her son. I wonder if he remembers what I whispered to him.

Notice the look on sister's face when she smells his filthy, sweaty gi (uniform)...priceless.

The new shodans with Sensei Fawcett. In case you were confused, Sensei Fawcett is the clean one in the middle. 🙂

That’s three Fawcetts down and one to go.  It won’t be long before our little girl is ready to test for her black belt. <Gulp> Why do I get the feeling that THAT testing will be my most emotionally challenging one yet?

~ K.M. Fawcett

5 responses to “An Emotionally Challenging Test

  1. Nice post. Made me tear a bit.

  2. Congratulations to you son (and you), Kathy! I never had to spar my kids when they were still doing martial arts with us, but my husband is another matter entirely.

    I remember the first time we had to do a drill where we kept our feet touching (so we’d be at close range) and then punched and blocked at close range. Well, he’s tall with a long reach and he totally dominated the drill, and at one point I just burst into tears. Not because it hurt (we had helmets on and were using light touch), or because I was frustrated.

    What got to me was having my husband–who’s never laid an angry hand on me before–hit me! It wasn’t a rational response, but something much deeper. I’ve since become inured to it, but I’ll never forget that feeling.

  3. Thanks, Gwen. I totally understand what you mean. My husband is my sensei and sparring him was difficult. Especially during my black belt test. He didn’t take it easy on me and I’m glad about that now. At the time…well…I felt differently.

  4. please have a match with your son ,and post video here.thanks

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