Clearing the Creative Channels

It seems as though there is always something trying to suck the creativity out of you. Stress with work or family, the responsibilities of day to day living, in my case school all seems to build up and make finding the motivation and inspiration to write difficult. There is always something that tugs at you, pulling you away from your writing or simply draining the creative well dry. Still, if we want to get anything finished we have to find a way to push on, recharge, and  unblock the clogged creative channels so that the stories start flowing again.

One of the things I do is go to conferences. RWA’s National Conference is always very inspirational and gives my creativity stores a huge boost.  Although I will say the strength of that recharge was seriously challenged this year. I came home to discover I had tests due in both of the classes that I’m currently taking. This amounted to four tests in the course of one week since each class requires the completion of a pretest and the actual exam. Unfortunately,  school work had  to take precedence over writing productivity. Once I got through that I jumped back in and actually started making progress.

Another creative boost for me is brainstorming with friends. I love playing the what if game and seeing where it will take me. On a smaller scale a hot shower seems to be another way to help clear the cobwebs and help me focus in on the scene I want to write. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the solution to a plot issue come to me while I’m in the shower. Seriously, I need some sort of waterproof notepad so I can jot down these ideas when they come to me.

What about you? How do you keep those creative batteries charged?

6 responses to “Clearing the Creative Channels

  1. There must be something about showers that help with creativity because I do my best thinking in there, too. I thought it was because it’s the only place I could get away from the kids and have quiet time. 🙂

  2. Going for a walk works for me or cleaning a bathroom.

  3. Joanna Aislinn

    Cleaning, driving, walking (and sometimes the shower) are places where my brain wanders into my story scenes and insight comes. I hear you big-time: life, stress, school, day-job have seriously sapped my creativity stores these past months, but I never give up on the idea and use the time to learn in other areas where I’m weak (i.e., social media). Like those puzzle pieces coming together, someday each of these parts should form a picture that makes sense, right?

    Nice post!

  4. Kathy,
    I personally think it’s the steam. It just sort of relaxes and unclogs things IMO. Sort of like taking a hot shower when you have a cold or a stuffy nose and for a few beautiful minutes you can breathe normal. LOL!


    I’m usually focusing on my dislike of the task of cleaning the bathroom or the smell of the cleaner burning my nose. But I can see how the routine your mind is free to wander while doing a routine task.

    I like to think of those times when day to day tasks are taking me away from writing as percolating times. Even if I’m not writing I’m actively thinking of the story where I want to go next, what scenes I want and that when when I do get back to the keyboard I at least know my path. At the same time, I’ve also been at places in my life where every drop of motivation and creativity has gone on vacation and left me home. But you’re right even if we aren’t writing we can always focus on some other aspect of the business.


  5. Rayna, when I’m stuck and need to get the creative juices flowing I lay down for a nap. It’s something about letting my mind wander free that recharges me, answers those questions that have been nagging me and inspires new stories.

    • Hey Savannah,

      I probably do the same thing with a hot shower. I often loose track of time because I’m just letting my mind float. I also find that I writing long hand can help get me unstuck as well. It’s probably something about the mind hand connection that’s just not there with a keyboard.


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