Let’s Talk Favorite Love Scenes

If you’re writing romance and you haven’t read Monday’s post by Caridad Pineiro about writing sexy love scenes you may want to check it out. She offers some really terrific tips.

Today I want to talk about favorite love scenes. The romance genre encompasses a wide range of sub-genres. At one end of the spectrum are inspirational romances, where the sexual contact is kept at a minimum and is usually behind closed doors. At the other end is erotic romance which leaves little to the imagination. Personally, I enjoy a fairly wide range of love scenes, but most definitely door open scenes. I not really a huge fan of fade to black unless it’s warranted.  As long as the placement of the love scene and the progression of the relationship make sense, bring it on.

One of my favorite love scenes is between Eve and Roarke in Naked in Death by J.D. Robb. When these two make love for the first time they get so much more then they expected. Both of them experience something that they’ve never found with anyone else, and that they weren’t even sure they were capable of feeling. It’s sexy, touching, and truly memorable.

Another scene I like is Robin and Jules in Force of Nature by Suzanne Brockmann. I think it’s a fave partly because Suz made us wait so long for these two men to get together. She really built the tension in the previous books. Every time they were in a scene together I would shout at the book “Just kiss him already!” Getting back to my point, this is subtle and suggestive love scene. The love making is not explicit at all, but still sexy as hell.  However, the best part of the scene is the afterglow in Robin’s POV. He’s just so awed that this man that he’s been in love with for years is finally here in his arms. I just loved it.

So I’m wondering, as a reader, how do you prefer your love scenes and do you have a favorite?

10 responses to “Let’s Talk Favorite Love Scenes

  1. I like my sex scenes to have emotions involved, I know, it’s such a girly thing for me! Sex for the sake of sex is fine if that’s the theme/plot of the book, but I like it better when it means something!

    • I’ve read a couple erotica books where there scenes are sex for the sake of sex. In fact I read one that had an interesting mix of sex for the sake of sex as well as love scenes attached to a romantic plot line. I really enjoyed that book. It was well written and nicely balanced both types of sex scene. Like you, though, I largely prefer the emotional scenes.


  2. Twisted me. One of my favorites is from IN THE LINE OF FIRE with Clint Eastwood and Rene Russo. There is a scene where they start to get intimate, but first have to lose all their FBI gear. Vests, headsets, weapons, etc. LOVE THAT SCENE!

    • If we’re talking TV/Movie love scenes one of my favorites is from an episode of Roswell. LOVED that show. It’s an episode called Sexual Healing. Yeah the characters are high school students so there was never any actual consummation, but the tension build woo! Plus, OMG a shirtless Jason Behr- yum!

  3. @Rayna, the one with Maria when he comes out of the rain right?? OH YEAH!

    • No, this was the mid season finale of season 1 where everytime they touched Liz had a flash of something being hidden in the past. So they kept making out to get more info.

  4. This might be an unusual choice, but I find Mary Stewart’s Touch Not the Cat one of the sexiest books ever. I’m going to be careful, because there’s a giant twist, but the scene in which Bryony discovers the identify of her psychic lover it beyond swoon-y.

    In fact, I think it might be time for a re-read. . .

  5. Rayna, I was right there with you thinking ‘kiss him already.’ I love Eve and Roarke, also. And Charity, I watched that movie more than once just to see that scene again. Laughed when Clint bemoaned that he had to put all the stuff back on when they got call up.

    But my favorite love scene is from a paranormal that Nora Roberts wrote way before the In Death series even started. I can’t remember the title, but the hero makes love to the heroine in his mind while standing at the foot of her bed. If I remember correctly, that scene is the opening of the book. It was so emotional and so hot I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. Think I’ll now go through my keepers to see if I can find it.

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