Recommend A Book For My “To Be Read” Pile

This is my current “To be Read” pile on my nightstand. These are some of the books I bought at the Liberty States Fiction Writer’s Conference last month (except for the bottom parenting book.  Though the rest of the titles keep rotating, this one seems to remain a permanent fixture.  But  I digress.)

Anyway, I’m sure you all have a similar pile next to your beds.

Inside my nightstand’s “cubby” are more books. Some I’ve read. Some I haven’t…yet.  Yes this line up goes three rows deep. If you’re curious about the titles, click on each picture for a larger image.

The novels on my office bookshelf (bottom left picture with guest appearance by Yoda, middle picture without him) and my basement bookshelf (bottom right) are mixed up with keepers and books I’ve yet to crack open. Most of the books that I’ve already read have been given to friends, donated to the county library’s book drive, or are stored in tubs in the basement (there are just some books I can’t bear to part with). Oh, and in case my husband is reading this, let me just say… no, Dear, I didn’t buy all of these books. Some were freebies from attending conferences over the years and some were given to me by friends. 😀

Though I haven’t read all of these books yet, I can’t help myself from wanting more, more, MORE! This is where YOU come in.

I want YOU to tell ME…

What are your favorite action books?

What authors do you feel write action well?

Whether it’s a thriller, romance, sci-fi, historical, mystery, young adult, middle grade, or something else, I’d love to hear your recommendations. I’m always looking for more great stories to add to my TBR piles and shelves.

Feel free to promote your own action-packed books, or those of a friend. 😉

~K.M. Fawcett

30 responses to “Recommend A Book For My “To Be Read” Pile

  1. Love your TBR piles and bookshelves. Treated myself to the latest IN DEATH book – INDULGENCE IN DEATH – for my airplane ride. Great read. The action in these books is good and the suspense parts are intriguing. Also love the romantic elements with Eve and Roarke.

    • Thanks, Caridad! I have a few JD Robb books on the shelves somewhere. I need to find the first one though. Did you notice your book, Sex and the South Beach Chicas, on my book shelf?

  2. I’d recommend The Demon He Knows by that fabulous author R.A. Vaughn, but I’m not really sure it’s up your alley. LOL!


  3. The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner was fantastic! Also love Virginia Kantra’s Children of the Sea series.

  4. I love looking at your shelves that look so much like my own. I feel slightly less crazy now.

    I got my hands on a steampunk ARC of The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale so that’s my current read. After that I’m eyeing the RITA awards list. There were a lot of new to me authors like Zoe Archer and Lori Handeland that I’d like to try.

    • I’ve heard great things about Lori Handeland. If you do read her book please let use know what you think.


    • I haven’t tried a steam punk novel yet. Who do you recommend?

      • Stormy Gale is my first. I’m really liking it way more than I had expected. The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook and Boneshaker are much talked about, but I had dismissed it as not being my sort of thing. After finishing this one, I may be adding a few other titles from the genre to my TBR pile.

        Always pays to be open minded!

  5. I happen to be reading a very old action book right now by Jane Gaskell. Though I love the series, and her heroine is an action heroine before such things existed, it’s probably too old for me to tell you to run out and buy it. I’m on at least my fourth reading. lol

  6. For YA my absolute fave is Alyson Noel’s immortal series. Also Karma Club by Jessica Brody. A must!

    • Martha,

      Are these YA books geared for girls or boys? I’m always looking for something to spark my son’s interest. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the same love for reading as I do, which is frustrating to this writer mom.

  7. The latest great book full of action scenes I have read was “The Birth of Jaiden” by Jennifer Malone Wright.

  8. While my memoir, Flirting in Spanish, is a travel/romance, it packs thrills like the machete-wielding mother of my novio and my sister-in-law who spends a night in jail after punching the guy who attacked me at a hearing. Flirting in Spanish is a romance that MOVES.
    Official blurb: Flirting in Spanich tells the extraordinary true love story between the 33-year old daughter of a former Los Angeles Lakers coach and a poor Mexican teenager. When Susan McKinney moves into Carlos Ortega´s house in San Miguel de Allende, she finds herself not only sharing a room with her boyfriend, his brother and his sister but struggling to find her place in another macho world – exactly what she had come to Mexico to escape.
    Flirting in Spanish is available by Antaeus Books, July 2011. Thanks for this opportunity!
    Susan McKinney de Ortega

  9. Red Storm Regime, by Goodnow/Pacha
    Weaving Dreams Publishing

  10. This is a children’s book, but since you rep kids work you should check out THE THREE SIBLING ADVENTURES picture book by Erika Talbot. The adventure the kids go on is magical. Good action. I found it after it received a 5 star review.

    • Hi Kaila,

      Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not an agent, though. I’m a writer, martial artist and a mom (by far the toughest job of the three). 🙂

  11. You’ve got some great recommendations here! (I’m adding to my own TBR pile) And I love seeing someone else with shelves like mine (though our kitty that would mimic your Yoda’s pose is named Sterling)

    I’ll recommend my own Veil of Justice, based on this recent review that showed up a few days ago and made me so happy: “This is an adult urban fantasy book…but above all it’s just a plain ole good action read.”

  12. The Russian Code by Michael de Mare.

  13. Thanks for all the great recommendations! If you think of others, keep them coming. I’m excited to have so many new stories to check out!


    Hi, check out the Kindle copy of Emily and the Spider (7-10 yr olds) and Victoria Swan (8+)

    John x

  15. Hi Kathy!
    I just finished Liz Michalski’s Evenfall–in one sitting! It’s a lovely book.

  16. Just finished two outstanding books by Mary Burton, who gave a dynamic workshop at the LSFW conference on romantic suspense: SENSELESS and MERCILESS. Wow!

  17. My TBR pile looks a lot like yours. Every time I walk into the bookstore I buy another one. I can’t help it. If you’re looking for a fast paced book I highly recommend The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

    • Loved The Hunger Games. (Side note: I actually had to read it after an editor mentioned my manuscript’s premise sounded like an adult version of The Hunger Games). I borrowed my friends Kindle to read the series. Found out that I like the Kindle too. Though the screen seemed a little dark and the electronic ink didn’t contrast as much as I would have liked, so I needed lots of light to read it.

  18. Running Dark is an action packed novel about Somali pirates written by up and coming Jamie Freveletti. I recommend it.

  19. KM, I suggest my classic Detroit/Brazil novella, Wildness Lies In Wait. It’s only available on Kindle but it’s a fast read with all the rewards that speed affords.

  20. I have book stacks all over the house. I mean, who needs accessories when you can “decorate” with books?

    Well, since you asked, I will suggest my novel, Nothing but Trouble after Midnight. It’s the first installment of a teen fiction series. I also liked Hate List by Jennifer Brown. It’s a great YA read.

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