Happy New Year!

My husband and Me on the slope

After the crazy fun of Christmas part 1, 2 and 3 and a great week skiing with my family and friends (there were 16 of us!), I hardly had time to think about my goals for 2011.  But finally, after giving some thought I wanted to share them with you.  I figure I’ll be more accountable if I publicly state my goals.

At first, I came up with three goals:

1) Get published

2) Learn the last 3 Isshinryu weapons kata

3) Lose fat and gain muscle

Unfortunately, I realized those weren’t good goals.  Why?  Because they aren’t precise, measurable, or realistic.  Especially when the success of the first two are contingent on other people.  I have no control whether or not editors and publishers will love my story and feel it is marketable just as I have no control over how many weapon katas (karate forms) my sensei feels I am ready to learn.

So after a little more thought, I came up with some precise, measurable and attainable goals that will hopefully set me up for success in 2011.

1)  Write five days a week.  Every week. Even if it is only a sentence.  Blogging doesn’t count.  Only novel writing counts.  The more I write, the better I’ll become and the more finished novels I’ll have to give to my agent to shop.  This increases my chances of getting published.  By not giving myself a daily word count to reach, I feel that this goal is attainable.

2) Practice all my katas three times a week. I wanted to go for everyday, but didn’t think that sounded realistic.  If I missed a day, I’d be angry with myself and give up.  By practicing, my sensei will see my proficiency and confidence and know I’m ready to move to the next kata.

3) Increase my exercise regimen with running and P90X. While, I’m not sure how much running I can do over the cold winter months (I much rather run in warmer weather), I do have a measurable goal for the P90X.  My husband and I will be starting it tonight after work.  This is a daily exercise program that continues for 90 days.  I have done it before for about 40 days and then life got in the way.  This year the goal is to reach the full 90.

So there you have it.  I hope you can help keep me accountable.  And if you’d like to share your goals (remember precise, realistic, and measurable) in the comments section, I can help keep you accountable too.

Have a Safe, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!!

~K.M. Fawcett

6 responses to “NEW YEAR GOALS

  1. Good goals, Kathy. I did something similar in that I focused on things within my control. Hopefully the rest will follow for both of us. Good luck and happy new year!

  2. Thanks, KM for sharing your goals! Since I have a similar goal, it made me realize I can’t just leave that vague goal dangling in the air. I too can write five days a week. I set a page goal for each day. As long as I get close I’m pretty happy. I’ve also decided I want to continue to speak at schools about writing. So far I have two engagements. I think we have to remember as long as we know happiness won’t be defined by being at the top of the best sellers list or the winning of an Academy Award, or let’s say how many friends we have then 2011 will be a successful year!

    • I think vague goals are a problem for many people. If they don’t know exactly what’s needed to accomplish the big dream, where do they start?

      Good luck with your speaking engagements and your daily page goal!

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