Stories That Go Bump in the Night

The other day I started editing a book I wrote a number of years ago. I must say it was a little scary re-reading my early writing. I alternated between cringing and being pleasantly surprised. Still, I’ve learned a lot and grown as a writer since I originally wrote the story. I know I can improve the story and hopefully make it fit for public viewing. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed in all this time is my love of  writing paranormal stories.

I love having the freedom to create my own world and make up my own rules. I love mixing reality and science with the seemingly impossible. As a reader I enjoy being drawn into strange new worlds whether they be just a few degrees off normal or a land far, far away.   Getting swept up in exploring the mythology that another author has created is part of the fun. With the popularity of books like Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse series, I’m clearly not the only one enamored of this genre. However, as much as I enjoy a sexy shape shifter or dark and brooding vampire, there is one thing I like better.

I love stories about people with psychic abilities. Precognition, telekenesis, whatever, I find all of it fascinating. I figure the reason I enjoy stories about psychics so much is because they appeal both to my creative side as well as my inner science geek. The idea that there are amazing abilities hidden deep within untapped areas of the human brain is a cool concept to me. It gives me all types of inspiration.  Prime example my current WIP involves a character with telekinetic abilities. He gets upset and things start flying around the room. I’m having fun writing it especially now that I’m getting into the action of the story and he’ll get to use this ability to defend himself.

So I’ve told you what I like now it’s your turn.

Paranormal fiction/romance: Are you a fan?

If yes, what kind of paranormal stories do you like?

Finally, who is on your must read list?



4 responses to “Stories That Go Bump in the Night

  1. Rayna: I don’t read a ton of paranormal, but I prefer those where the world is fairly “normal” and the people are special. Like Christina Dodd’s Wilders or her Chosen Ones series. Or the TV show Heroes. Or Cherry Adairs T-FLAC operatives.

    Telekinesis sounds like a lot of fun to play with. Enjoy!

  2. I like all different kinds of paranormal stories. Though I’m less of a vampire fan than other paranormal elements.

    Caridad Pineiro, Chris Redding, and Virginia Kantra are among my must reads.

  3. I tried to watch Heroes and just couldn’t get into it. Go figure. I was, however a fan of the shoe The Dead Zone.
    I haven’t read those series, I’ll have to check them out. Thanks Gwen!

    Kathy, I’m pretty open to all things paranormal. I’m always up for a fun magical ride. I’ve read all three of those authors and all are excellent writers.

  4. Sometimes the ideas are good but the ability isn’t quite there yet. Practice makes perfect. The rest is sort of paranormal….

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