Parking Lot Safety

The following parking lot safety tips are courtesy of firearms expert and instructor Kathleen Kuck.  You can see her last post “Handguns and Your Character” here.  Thank you for the safety tips Kathleen.  They are important to remember especially at this time of the year.  ~KM Fawcett

-Park as close to the doors of the business as possible.
-Park in well lit areas.
-Don’t leave expensive items in plain sight. Laptops, purse, wallet, GPS, cell phone, etc.
-Don’t leave your cigarette lighter open, close the cap or put the cigarette lighter in it. If left open it could be a sign of electronic devices (Ipod, GPS) things that crooks want
-Don’t leave docking stations or cables in plain sight.
-If possible have your valuables hidden or in trunk before you reach destination, so you are not seen putting them away.
-Ask security to walk you out if you feel uncomfortable.
-Hold multiple items (shopping bags, etc) in your week hand, always have strong hand free.
-Use caution if the vehicle next to yours is occupied.
-Pay attention if a van or other vehicle you can’t see into is parked next to yours.
-Watch for people loitering in the parking lot.
-Have your keys in your hand before you get to your car.
-Look around to make sure no one is in the area looking suspicious.
-Don’t be on the phone or texting.
-Walk with a purpose and your head up. Look attentive.
-If it doesn’t feel right walk past your car and go back into the business.
-On approaching your vehicle see the reflection in your vehicle windows, pay attention to see if anyone is coming up behind you.
-Lock your doors immediately upon entering your car.
-Take a look to see if the car is secure before you enter it. Look in backseat.
-Most camper shells are not uniquely keyed so there is a good chance the key to yours will open the camper shell next to yours. You might even have a CH751 key for your camper shell…this CH751 key opens most t-handles, camper shells, landscaping controls, light timers, car top carriers, truck bed type tool boxes, equipment locks, and starts golf carts, which means crooks also have it.
-SUV’s & trucks have no trunk and thief’s look under seats, glove boxes center consoles.
-Don’t leave your mail in the car. This can lead to identity theft.
-Don’t leave your checkbook in the car.
-Only carry the electronics and valuables you will need.
-A device like a Nanovault 100, 200 or 300 tethered to the seat post and under the seat hidden might help for small items like Ipods or GPS devices.

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